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30 Jun 2020

Review: Strymon Iridium - the portable amp modeller

instruments Strymon Iridium - the portable amp modeller

The Strymon Iridium is an Amp and Cab simulator and has been on our list for a while to review. However, it has unfortunately been lost in the post and the review had to wait a while. But now the review is there, which we have included in the video below.

What is the Strymon Iridium?

For example, we know an Amp and Cab modeller / simulator from the various software in DAWs that allow you to simulate sounds from a certain amp. In addition, you also have physical amp modellers such as the Kemper Profiling Amplifier, but these are not as portable as the Strymon Iridium and often have a higher price tag.

The Strymon Iridium has amp settings that mimic a different amp, round, chime and punch. In addition, 9 amp impulse responses per cabinet, a gain control, level control, 3 band EQ and a room ambience control.

The Iridium delivers stereo sound 24-bit with 96kHz resolution, this with 500 milliseconds - making the Iridium a very interesting pedal with high-quality technology built in regarding sound quality. At home, in the studio or on the stage - the Iridium is suitable for every situation.

Watch the full video below and discover the possibilities.

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