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17 Aug 2018

Review: The Aston Halo 'The best lightweight reflection filter on the market

producer/hardware Review: the microphone reflection filter from Aston: the Aston Halo

The Aston Halo is the reflection filter of Aston Microphones. This is a reflection filter with a large size and a relatively low weight. The screen filters sound by 360 degrees and ensure that unwanted reflections are muted. Some of the best in the industry are using the Aston Helo such as Drake and Ed Sheeran.

Aston Halo

The special shell-like shape of the new Aston reflective filter ensures that the sound is filtered 360 degrees. The Aston Halo is made of PET felt which makes sure that the screen weighs relatively little and the product consists of 70% recycled PET.

The Aston Halo reflection filter:

  • Is more than 40% larger than comparable screens
  • Has a relatively low weight
  • Has a high absorbent capacity
  • Filters the sound with 360 degrees
  • Easy-mount hardware

First experience

What is immediately noticeable is that the suspension of the reflection filter is very solid and is very easy to adjust. By means of a button on the side, the height of the microphone can be adjusted and by means of a button on the top, the distance of the reflection screen in relation to the microphone can be adjusted. In addition, there is a hole at the back of the adjustment mechanism where you can let the XLR cable run through so that it does not get in the way. The sound screen features a beautiful design with ridges which ensures that unwanted reflections are muted as much as possible during your recording and it still looks beautiful.

'The best lightweight reflection filter on the market'


In our opinion, the Aston Helo is the best reflection filter currently on the market. The Aston Halo is lightweight and dampens unwanted reflections many times better than other reflection filters of this price range. Also on the suspension and operation is thought what ensures that it not only sounds good but it is also easy to set.

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