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25 Aug 2018

Review: The Aston Spirit Microphone

producer/hardware Review: The Aston Spirit Microphone

The Aston Spirit is a high-performance switchable pattern microphone and one of the three mics Aston currently manufacturers in the UK – Aston Origin (LDC) and Aston Starlight (laser targeting SDC) which has only one recording pattern, but the Spirit is a multi-pattern microphone and can be switched between omnidirectional, figure-8 or cardioid.The Aston Spirit has a very simplistic design with a body of stainless steel which is equipped with high-quality electronics, the combination is which makes it one of the best microphones in this price range (and above!). The microphone is equipped with a stainless steel mesh for RF screening and pop filtering. Because the mesh is integrated into the microphone, it is possible to use the microphone without a pop-filter.

'Perfect clarity details - rich and warm sound'

The Aston Spirit microphone:

  • Has a switchable recording pattern
  • Has a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Has a balanced XLR connection
  • Has a low cut filter 80 Hz
  • Has multiple mute options through a path switch (-20 / -10 / 0 dB)
  • 48V phantom powered 
  • You can choose from three recording patterns: omnidirectional, figure-8 or cardioid.


In an omnidirectional microphone, the diaphragm records the sound from any point in the room. This ensures that it registers from all directions.


With a figure-8 microphone, the diaphragm measures the difference in sound pressure between both sides. This ensures that they mainly record sound from the front and back, but they almost do not register any sound on the sides.


With a cardioid microphone, the omnidirectional and figure-8 pattern is actually combined. This ensures that especially the sound at the front is recorded and the sound of the sides and the back are largely not recorded.


In order to achieve the desired quality of the Aston microphones, the company has put together a panel of independent producers, engineers and artists as a frame of reference. These independent panel members gave feedback during product development to ensure that the microphones are of the highest quality. See the full panel here.


The Aston Spirit is one of the best in its price range and according to many musicians, certainly comparable to microphones in the higher price range. It is a very clear sounding microphone with a balanced bass reproduction. The microphone is best used when recording vocals or (electric) guitar, but can also be used for other purposes.

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