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19 Oct 2018

Review: The Aston SwiftShield - ‘Just everything that you expect from Aston and more… like always’

producer/hardware Review Aston SwiftShield

After having a closer look at the Aston Spirit, Aston Halo and Aston Origin it’s now time to have a closer look at some microphone accessories built by the UK based company Aston.

The recently introduced SwiftShield is a combination of the Aston Swift shock-mount and the Aston Shield pop-filter sold in one bundle. As Aston mic owners know, there is a built-in pop filter and shock mount in the microphone itself, but for those who just want that little bit extra, the ShwiftShield is a perfect option. It’s a budget-friendly set which should make microphone mounting easier.


A re-invented shock-mount with a new design and use. Aston managed to create the perfect shock-mount with rubber bands to offer better elasticity which results in maximum isolation. They set the bar high for competing companies. The best part about the swift is the 2 quick release spring clips. It has never been easier to assemble a microphone to a shock mount, it just takes one second and the microphone has an incredibly steady position in the shock mount. It can take up mics between 40-60mm diameter.


The shield pop filters look amazing and truly lives up his name and look like a shield. In the shield are small holes to give the vocals enough room to pass. The wider surface area with curves makes sure that not only the front of the mic is covered, but also the sides are covered with a pop-filter.

General specs

  • Universal mic mount - fits mics 40 to 60 mm diameter
  • Ultimate mechanical isolation with Aston’s ‘ShockStar’ technology
  • Super-hard-wearing Aluminium and glass-fill nylon construction
  • Ultra-swift proprietary mounting system
  • Solid stainless steel pop shield with ‘Hextech’ filter holes
  • Quick release springs

Our experience

I personally hate it to screw a microphone to a microphone stand. Always a bit trouble with the cable, size, and set-up. With the 2-quick release spring clips, it only takes a second to put a microphone in its place – perfect!

Aston managed to create something unique out of something that is hard to improve and could hardly be made any better. It’s so easy now to switch between different mics in a creative recording session!

‘Just everything that you expect from Aston and more… Like always’

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