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30 May 2018

Review: the Dynaudio LYD-8 studio monitor

producer/hardware Review: the Dynaudio LYD-8 studio monitor

The Dynaudio LYD-8 belongs to the LYD series of the Danish company Dynaudio. The series consists of 4 active near-field reference monitors, each with a clear and fair sound for mixing and mastering in medium and home studios. The other monitors of the LYD series are the LYD-5, LYD-7 and the recently added LYD-48.

The Dynaudio LYD-8 studio monitor:

  • Is the second largest monitor of the LYD series
  • Has an 8-inch woofer
  • Has a 1-inch tweeter
  • Has 2 different moods
  • Has a bi-amped system
  • Has a size of 24 x 37 x 33 cm
  • Weighs a total of 10 kg


The LYD-8 has no noticeable exuberant sound but has a very clear and accurate sound that is perfect for high-quality productions. The monitor is equipped with an efficient class-D amplification and a DSP crossover that ensures a clean sound. At the rear, it is possible to adjust the frequency response by means of the bass extension and the sound balance. These have 3 options each, the bass extension has - 10 Hz, 0 Hz and + 10 Hz and the sound balance has the options clear, neutral and dark. It is also possible to adjust the input volume for - 6 dB, 0 dB and + 6 dB. In addition, the LYD-8 is equipped with 2 different tunings, one when the monitor is free and one for when the monitor is placed in a 50 cm range near a wall.

First experience

The monitor has a beautiful design and is equipped with an 8-inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter. The tweeters are made of soft material so that there is virtually no distortion in the high tones and the speaker is made of aluminium which ensures a precise sound.

The monitor contains a very comprehensive manual for the entire LYD series that explains step by step what you need to do to achieve the maximum sound quality. In addition, the LYD series is provided with an application from Dynaudio namely the Dynaudio Meter app, this is an application that is designed to position and calibrates the sound system. Because of the many options in the input volume and the DSP controller, the sound of the monitor can easily be set as desired.

These monitors provide virtually no colouration and distortion so that you have a fair view of the production you are making.


The LYD-8 studio monitor is ideal for audio engineers who want a fair view of the mix and master so that the production sounds good everywhere. The LYD-8 is the second largest of the LYD series so for smaller studios it is an option to go for the LYD-7 or LYD-5.

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