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4 Mar 2018

Review: the Hercules P32 DJ controller

djs/hardware review-the-hercules-p32-dj-controller

Hercules introduced a new DJ controller to the market for creative DJs. The Hercules P32, a DJ controller without jog wheels. It is a 2 channel DJ controller with a 4 channel audio interface, 2 screens of 4 x 4 performance pads with dual functions, mixer selection, filter buttons, effect buttons and an extended loop function.

  • The Hercules P32 DJ comes with the complete and unlimited version of DJUCED 40º, and is also compatible with VirtualDJ, Traktor Pro 2, RekordboxDJ, DJAY Pro, Ableton Live, and even Serato DJ as an additional controller
  • The performance pads can be used as drum pads in combination with Garage Band, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Logic Pro and Melodics
  • The audio interface has 2 RCA outputs, a USB connection and a 6.3 mm JACK connection
  • The DJ controller has a total surface of 35 by 24 cm and weighs less than 2 kilos, making it ideal to take along

What is this DJ controller equipped with?

The DJ controller has 2 decks (A and B), and by using the shift button this can be extended to 4 decks (C and D). Each deck is equipped with a three-band EQ control, a volume fader, a filter button, 4 effects buttons and buttons for cue, loop, slicer and sampler. In addition, Hercules P32 is equipped with a browse button for searching in music libraries to add tracks.”

The DJ controller is also equipped with a handy slip function, which memorizes the position of the track you are playing at that moment. So when you use the loop, sampler or for example the slicer function you can make sure that the song jumps back to the original position in the timeline where the track would have been if it had continued playing normally. This is a great way to play without losing the phrasing of your track


The Hercules P32 is a compact and versatile DJ controller for creative DJs that also looks great. Because the DJ controller comes with DJ software and has a built-in audio interface, you only need a laptop, speakers, and music to use it.

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