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18 May 2018

Review: the IsoVox 2 vocal booth, the vocal booth that can be used at any location!

producer/hardware Review: the IsoVox 2 vocal booth, the vocal booth that can be used at any location!

The Swedish company IsoVox has launched the IsoVox 2, this is a vocal booth designed for home studios and for musicians such as singer-songwriters, vocalists and producers who want to make pure and tight recordings of vocals without paying too much. It is one of the few vocal booths that makes high-quality recordings and can also be used at any location.

The IsoVox 2 vocal booth:

  • Can be used at any location
  • Reduces unwanted noise and reflections
  • Is easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Is equipped with a LED lamp on the inside
  • Has a size of 80 x 49 x 48 cm
  • Weighs a total of only 11 kg

IsoVox 2

The IsoVox 2 vocal booth is actually a small acoustic space that is specially made to record clean vocals and dampen unwanted sounds. The patented 360 ° XYZ acoustic system from IsoVox ensures that the entire head of the vocalist is surrounded by panels made of acoustic material to ensure that reflections are reduced. The acoustic panels are zipped together and are attached with Velcro, which ensures that the whole vocal booth really becomes a small-studio. The front of the vocal booth is equipped with an extra thick acoustic panel which ensures that the frontal reflections are reduced. The booth is easy to assemble and disassemble and the sides can easily be zipped loose so that more space is created for the vocalist and so it is possible to perhaps record a video at the same time.

To hear the difference with the IsoVox 2 vocal booth and without, listen to the sound fragments below.

Without ISOVOX 2


First experience

The IsoVox 2 vocal booth comes in a large box with all parts neatly packaged. The manual is very clear, and the assembly is fairly simple. Once the vocal booth is mounted, it is easy to disassemble again using the simple zipper and Velcro fasteners. There is no standard supplied with the vocal booth, but it is possible to use a normal PA or loudspeaker stand for this. The vocal booth is provided with a LED light that can be mounted on the inside so that you have enough light and atmosphere to record in. The vocal booth is made of high-quality materials and it also looks great. In addition, the recording quality is superb, the quality is certainly comparable to studio recordings (depending on the microphone you use). The vocal booth ensures that unwanted sounds are not recorded, but a quiet environment still ensures the best recordings.


The IsoVox 2 vocal booth is ideal for a singer-songwriter, vocalists or a (travelling) producer. It is a relatively expensive product, but it is much cheaper than many other alternatives that produce the same quality.

Click here for more information about the Isovox.


  • Pros

    High quality recordings at any location, for a fair price!

  • Cons

    No stand included.

  • Price


  • Website

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