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19 Mar 2021

Review: The JZ Microphones BlackHole 2

producer Review: The JZ Microphones BlackHole 2

JZ Microphones a brand that you may not know, but has nevertheless made a very good name in the microphone world. JZ was founded in 2007 in Latvia and has been researching and testing for 20 years now. What immediately stands out is the creative and open-minded design, which they also describe as the identity of the company.

With high-quality applied technology and its own handmade production process, JZ is now making significant steps in the microphone world. Enough reason to take a JZ Microphone under the loop and test it!

Curious about JZ Microphones and the JZ BlackHole 2? Then read on!

The range of JZ Microphones

JZ Microphones has been building a large collection of microphones in different classes and accessories since 2007. They have a vintage series, signature series, BT series, HH series and the popular Black Hole series.

The Vintage and Black Hole series have become very popular, check the JZ website for the full range!

The JZ BlackHole 2 (BH2)

The most important part is of course the capsule in a microphone, to which JZ has paid a lot of attention to. Most of JZ's microphones use a "Golden Drop Technology" which gives you more clarity, precision and less coloration in your recordings. They implement a gold layer on the membrane of the capsule that is in the microphone. This makes the capsule very light, which in turn has many advantages.

This technique has also been applied to the JZ BlackHole 2. The BlackHole 2 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone, handcrafted with a very sleek and precise character. The BlackHole is a real all-round microphone that you can use well on drums, vocals and acoustic guitar. According to the specifications, the BH2 has a range of 20Hz to 20kHz.

We have tested the BH2 on vocals and guitar, the results of which you can see in the video or below under the heading sound quality.

The JZ WireMesh Pop Filter

Accessories should of course not be missing from a complete line of studio microphones. That's why JZ has revived the pop filters, by releasing a very fine wire mesh version, which works really well. The pop filter does its job well and that is reflected in the recordings. Due to the weight, which is relatively heavy for a pop filter, it can be a bit difficult to position, but all in all a very nice quality product!

The sound quality

The sound quality! The most essential point when it comes to the assessment of a studio microphone. We have made several recordings of vocals and guitar, and can be clear about that immediately.

The sound is very tight and precise, in our test the microphone can certainly compete with other models in the price range and above. Especially with acoustic instruments and vocals, the microphone performs very well. The microphone has a super tight and clear reproduction, especially in the high frequencies the BlackHole does it's job well.

You can make real quality recordings with this microphone without too much EQ to tweak it.

Build quality

The microphone feels very light, which sometimes detracts a bit from the quality associated with it. But regardless of the weight, the build quality and overall design are impressive.

Every detail has been thought through and is firmly put together. In addition, the hole in the microphone that is intended for the attachment of the shock mount. A microphone that certainly immediately distinguishes itself from the competition, only looking at the appearance.


All in all, we are very satisfied with the JZ BlackHole and we will use this microphone as a fixed microphone in the studio in addition to the Austrian Audio OC818. From innovative build and design to crisp and detailed sound, the BH2 delivers!

Do you have questions about the JZ Microphones BlackHole 2? Let us know in a comment below this article!

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