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22 Dec 2018

Review: The OWOW Scan 'Turn drawings into music'

reviews Review: The OWOW Scan 'Draw and hear real music'

A few years ago the founder of OWOW Pieter-Jan was frustrated that he couldn't go to a music school, cause he couldn't read sheet music. He decided to study design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and created his first hands-on instruments. This was the start of a fantastic idea to make music accessible and more fun for everyone, so a few years later OWOW was born.

OWOW created a couple of instruments so far. From each instrument, they have two versions.

1. The CRD 
The CRD is a detailed credit card-sized circuit board. Owners can create their case for the instrument, with 3D printers for example. Also, the price is lower since it won't come with a case.

2. The DVC
With a solid white aluminium-case.

All the device can charge and connect with a cable, but they worked also over Bluetooth and integrated with almost every DAW.

We had a closer look at the OWOW Scan, hope to get our hands on more instruments soon!

OWOW - Scan

The Scan is a device that will scan drawings and convert it to midi-notes. On the device itself, there is an on/off button and an up and down function to lower or higher an octave. To make sure the device is scanning correctly you should use a big marker on white paper. From there on let, you're creativity go!

The device is simply made and doesn't need much technical knowledge, just plug-and-play with your DAW. 

Is it really helpful for a musician?
Depends on the musician. If you're looking for a more creative way to process ideas or extend your live-performance - yes. But not for everyone it will be really useful. If you have a quite specific idea for a melody, you would prefer to create it with a midi keyboard or draw it in a DAW.

Is it too experimental?
It is very experimental, but that is what makes this device impressive. While drawing wave-lines or another crazy thing on paper, the result can be unique. Linking it to a classic synth, won't give a fantastic result. Discover sound-design, sequencer or pad sounds to get amazing results.

Is this the future of music?
Yes, we think so. Companys are always looking for changing processes to make it easier. What has to be done in a big studio 10 years ago, can now be accomplished on a single laptop. It's an amazing start to our musical future.

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