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30 Mar 2018

Review: the Skoog touch-sensitive music instrument

reviews Review: the Skoog touch-sensitive music interface

The Skoog is a musical instrument that looks like a game controller that is designed as a cube. It is a soft cube of foam, which has large touch-sensitive buttons that act as a musical note. The instrument was introduced to the market in 2008 as an alternative instrument for children or adults with little or no musical experience. It has been specially developed for children with disabilities or developmental disorders.

The Skoog touch-sensitive music interface:

  • Can be used within a few minutes with the Skoog app
  • Is compatible with Garageband, Logic and other software that is MIDI-ready
  • Has a charging time of 3 hours with a playing time of 10 hours uninterrupted
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Weighs no more than 600 grams
  • Has a size of 13 by 15 centimetres

Thanks to the user-friendly software and its simple design, the Skoog can be used in special education and music therapy. The sensor in the Skoog detects how hard, soft or where you press the music note. In this way, you can mimic the dynamics and expression of a real instrument. By combining this instrument with software, it has a stimulating effect on the physical interaction with technology.

The Skoog app
In the Skoog app, you can select different instruments and you can choose from almost all keys. There are standard 19 different songs in the app so you can get started right away. The iTunes library is integrated into the app so that you can play any number with it, it automatically chooses the key that best fits the number.

The Skoog Skratch app is a separate app that stimulates creativity. Skook Skratch is a voice-over application and works together with the Skoog instrument. With five coloured titles, you can record a sound with every colour. Play it right away and make a mix of the recorded sounds in a freestyle.

With the Skoog, it is possible to play a song without musical knowledge. You just have to follow the colours.


The Skoog is a versatile and accessible instrument. Because of the low weight and the small size, the Skoog is easy to carry. The Skoog connects via USB or Bluetooth and is compatible with iOS and Mac OS devices.

 'Amazing instrument to play around with and experiment, also very easy to set-up with the mobile-app'


  • Pros

    Play time of 10 hours, to be used as a MIDI controller

  • Cons

    For now, it's only compatible with iOS and Mac OS

  • Price


  • Website

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