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7 Oct 2019

Review: The third generation Focusrite 2i2 audio interface

producer/hardware Review: The third generation Focusrite 2i2 audio interface

When speaking of audio interfaces, Focusrite has been the market leader for years. Not only for musicians, but also for video editors and podcasters. The 2i2 is the frontrunner because it is fit for most purposes that a beginner desires and is very affordable.

Just like you remember KRK by its famous yellow woofer in the studio monitor, you immediately recognize Focusrite by its red metal. Focusrite has reached the third generation with 6 new models, a number of which immediately replacing the second generation. We looked into the new generation 2i2, read below for more information and watch the Inside Audio video.

Difference between preceding versions

As described below, the build quality has improved noticeably. Besides that, they’ve also changed the design, which gives the audio interface a very clean and slick look. The AIR-function is entirely new and gives more space for recording, which comes in handy when recording vocals or guitar, more about that later.

There are also new pre-amps in the 2i2 who, according to Focusrite, supersede all previous versions. Besides this, plugging in and working with the 2i2 is very easy thanks to the ‘quick start tool’, plug and play!

Is it worth the upgrade when you’re still working with a first-generation? Yes! Are you working with a second-generation? Then it isn’t strictly necessary, but if you have the chance, the third generation is a big improvement!

The AIR Functie

A completely new feature is the AIR-function. It offers the ability to turn both inputs on and off separately. It gives your recording a more open and spacious sound, which is very neat to experiment with. It can be very cool to put this on your vocals. Want to know more about the AIR Function? Check out this video by Focusrite!

Build quality

It’s a real fingerprint magnet, but the design is incredibly slick! It’s a noticeable improvement over its predecessors, whose buttons could feel a little bit cheap. It’s a very compact and sturdy audio interface that had a lot of thought put into it. The improvement in build quality as a consequence is very noticeable. Focusrite has been very critical to make sure the third generation has a major improvement in build quality.

For whom?

The 2i2 third generation is a very good interface for musicians who are on the road a lot and want to record without hassle. Excellent price/quality ratio, which means you don’t have to upgrade as quick unless you need more inputs or outputs. The 2i2 would therefore be the first choice for producers that will last them years! Besides this, the internal hardware has been improved, which results in better recordings.

Well done Focusrite!

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