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28 Jan 2021

Review: Zoom PodTrak P4 'perfect for the creator on the go'

reviews Review: Zoom PodTrak P4 'perfect for the creator on the go'

An audio interface for everyone, which Zoom has, but they come very close now to an audio interface that really suits you perfectly. For example, Zoom has many different models when you look at portable recorders and recorders specially developed for podcasts. How you would normally choose a variant that "comes close" to your needs, Zoom does it a little differently and they release many different types of which one certainly suits your needs!

The Zoom PodTrak 8 is already very popular for podcast makers, with many basic but also extensive options for recording a podcast. Zoom recently added the PodTrak P4 to that, why? To also provide creators on-the-go with hardware.

What makes the PodTrak unique and who is it suitable for? We figured it out in the review below!

Want to know more about the PodTrak 4? Then read on below.

For whom

Zoom already has a lot of field recorders and recorders for podcast creators. But a portable version that you can take everywhere wasn't there yet, at least not as portable as the P4. The P4 is incredibly light, small and above all very affordable.

Are you looking for a recorder on the go or are you just starting out? Then the P4 is super interesting. It has extensive features that most creators don't even use yet, it's simple to use and very affordable. For this price tag, you simply aren't going to find anything else with these features.


Specifications, boring, but not in this price range because you get great value for money. Zoom has built in tons of features that are sufficient for most podcast makers with a maximum of 4 participants.

Check all specifications below.

  • 4 XLR microphones with individual gain
  • 4 headphone outputs with individual volume
  • Phantom power for all inputs
  • Remove feedback from conversations with Mix-Minus function
  • Mini-jack connection for connecting the telephone
  • 4 pads for triggering sound effects with 11 preset sounds
  • Separate channel recording
  • 16-bit / 44.1kHz audio WAV
  • SD cards up to 521gb
  • 2 input and 2 output audio interface
  • Class-compliant mode for iOS
  • 4 hours recording with AA batteries
  • Can also be fed directly via USB-C

Audio interface

The P4 can also function as a 2-input 2-output audio interface that allows you to record directly into your DAW on your computer. The disadvantage of this is that everything is recorded on 2 tracks, where you have separate tracks when recording on the SD card and you can edit them separately - which is essential to guarantee that the quality of the recording can always be obtained, even after there are errors in it. Is this on a track? Then this is a lot more difficult!

BTA-2 Bluetooth Adapter

This is a dedicated adapter to be able to connect to Bluetooth and, for example, to call someone in. Although you can also do this via a mini-jack, if you really want the Bluetooth function? Then this offers a solution!

Build quality

What is immediately noticeable when you hold the P4 is the weight, the recorder is super light, which even feels a bit cheap. This is reflected in the choice of materials, but for the price this is completely understandable. Everything is sturdy and works fine, it certainly doesn't look cheap - while the recorder with all these functions is.

Have there been any savings on build quality for the price? Very simple yes, but was Zoom rushed through that? No!


All in all, a super good podcast recorder for an interesting price, no other brand delivers so much for € 200. The layout is clear and immediately understandable if you take 30 seconds for it.

A small detail is that the mute function for the input makes a click sound, this should have been a soft-button since you do not want the click in a recording. The build quality fine, as is the weight (290g) which is low, but is very handy for on the road. All in all, a great podcast interface from Zoom!

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