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21 Oct 2017

Roland refreshes the KC Keyboard Amplifier Series

instruments/key-instruments Roland refreshes the KC Keyboard Amplifier Series

The new KC amps feature wide-range sound reproduction with two-way speaker systems and Roland’s patented twin bass-reflex design for extended low-frequency response without distortion. This makes them ideal for accurately reproducing the full frequency range of all types of keyboards, including 88-note stage pianos, organs, and synthesizers. The amps are also equipped with multiple inputs, mixing capabilities, and versatile DI connections, allowing players to connect and control all their instruments and easily interface with sound systems at different performance venues.  

All 2017 KC models are equipped with newly designed speakers for improved sound quality, and the monaural models feature redesigned power amp and power supply sections for increased output power and stability. These enhancements have also reduced the overall weight of the KC-400 and KC-600 models compared to the previous-generation KC-350 and KC-550 models.

The outer appearance of the new KC amps has been refreshed as well. In addition, the input and output jacks have been changed from plastic to metal for increased durability.

The 2017 KC amplifier lineup includes six models to support the performing needs of all types of keyboard players:

  • KC-80—50 watts of power, 10-inch speaker, custom tweeter
  • KC-200—100 watts of power, 12-inch speaker, custom tweeter
  • KC-400—150 watts of power, 12-inch speaker, custom tweeter, stereo link capability
  • KC-600—200 watts of power, 15-inch speaker, custom tweeter, stereo link capability
  • KC-990—320 watts of stereo power (160 watts x 2), two 12-inch speakers, two custom tweeters, onboard effects (reverb, chorus, tremolo, rotary), stereo link
  • KC-220—30 watts of stereo power (15 watts x 2), two 6.5-inch speakers, two custom tweeters, chorus and reverb effects, support for battery-powered operation  

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