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21 Jun 2019

ROLI introduces LUMI, the illuminated keyboard for beginners and pro’s

other/news ROLI introduces LUMI, the illuminated keyboard for beginners and pro’s

LUMI: The smarter way to learn and play music

Roli started a Kickstarter project (which already well reached its goal) to introduce the world to LUMI. LUMI is an illuminated keyboard and app that lets you play great songs and learn music as you go. You can either use it as a keyboard with their app to practice playing or use it as a midi controller.

LUMI is for anyone who ever wanted to play an instrument. It's also for people who want to revive forgotten piano skills, and it's even for musicians who want a fun, portable way to play.

How to use LUMI

LUMI is a 24 keys modular midi controller, which means you can attach multiple LUMI’s to each other and create a bigger midi controller. The LUMI comes with an app for the beginners with lots of practice tools and makes you play your favorite songs in a short amount of time. If you’re looking for a great looking midi controller, then the LUMI can also be a good choice, since it can function as a normal midi controller, too. 


The LUMI contains a 2300mAh battery which gives you about 6 hours of playtime. It also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and uses USB-C. This picture below shows you everything you need to know:


If you’re looking into an affordable yet professional way to get into music, then you really should consider LUMI. If you’re familiar with midi, then using multiple LUMI’s might be a good option for you! Want to know more? Then visit their Kickstarter page here or watch the video below.

You can get one by pledge their project with £147 or more (about €165)

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