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28 Nov 2017

Serato Sample tutorial - working with samples made easy

producer/software Serato Sample tutorial - working with samples made easy

Serato Sample is a very workflow-friendly sampling plugin. It's compatible with FL Studio, Machine, Logic and Ableton. This plugin gives users the possibility to work with their samples fast, cut them and pitch them. The most important functions are built in the plugin. When you want to make more adjustments to the audio, you should do it within your own DAW.

Serato Sample offers the most important functions. Especially for Hip-Hop beats, this plugin is very helpful, working with samples in Hip-Hop is one of the most important and oldest techniques.

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'Working with samples made easy'

Watch our video tutorial we did on Serato Sample below. Ps: they also offer 30 days free trial :)

  • Unrivalled time-stretching powered by Pitch ’n Time
  • Time-stretch samples to extreme values using the power of Serato Pitch ’n Time. It's also easy to sync samples to your project.
  • Flawless Key Detection and Key Shifting
  • Find the key and then shift it with the power of Pitch ’n Time
  • Find the best samples
  • With one click our algorithm finds 16 of the best samples to work with.
  • Change samples beyond recognition
  • You can manipulate each pad individually. Mess around with key, bpm and more with pad parameters.
  • Keyboard mode
  • Play one sample across the full piano scale like a synth.
  • Mono/Poly playback
  • Trigger your Cue Points with monophonic playback like Serato DJ. Or you can use polyphonic playback to play chords and drum patterns.
  • Familiar and fast Cue Point workflow
  • Use Serato DJ's popular Cue Point workflow to quickly set and trigger pads.
  • Process each cue individually
  • Route each cue's output to separate channels in your DAW.

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