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12 Mar 2019

Studio light gadgets review – LIFX Beam

reviews Studio light gadgets review – LIFX Beam

Earlier we had a look already at the LIFX Tiles which are similar to the LIFX Beam. The main differences are in the size, shape, and connection. The Tiles are slightly harder to get connected to the wall but, once applied, they do look stunning.

This week we dive deeper into the LIFX Beam and the possibilities of the lights to optimize the look of your studio. We feel studio lighting are some of the easiest ways to give your studio a stunning look and get in the mood for a production you are working! It's also great to be able to change the colors for the feeling you are currently in! 

Taking a look to notable Dutch artists Nicky Romero and Hardwell; we know how awesome a studio set up can be, and it's not complete without lights!

The box

We do like the design, look, and feel of the box. From the unboxing, you immediately see the high-quality lighting materials, and the intricate detailed throughout the lights. When opening the box, all the lighting strips are organized excellently; the LIFX Beam comes with six beams and one corner where you can connect two light beams to make 90 degrees display.

Also, LIFX provides all the cables you need to get started and even provides power adaptors for each country, nothing to worry about my international friends! The connection cable is long enough, so if your power connector is not in the ideal place – the wire should cover most room setups. 



LIFX has a unique style of designing products in a minimalistic way. There is only one cable needed thanks to the magnet power system that allows you to connect each Beam without a cable, a big plus, and added design seamlessness! When attaching the lighting to the wall, you can peel off the tape trips at the back and place the lights where you like. 

The Beams are very lightweight, helping to ensure they will stay in place, on the wall or ceiling; providing ultimate display flexibility. 

Also, the cable that connects to the lights for power is by a magnet, well-done LIFX!


Make a corner look nice

If you compare the Beam to the Nanoleaf Aura or the LIFX Tiles, the form is unique, but well thought through! Take for example the back panel of a bed, door, window, studio acoustic panels, and more objects – with the beam you can hang them around it just like the picture below. In our opinion, you can light out an object you like or don’t want – in both cases it upgrades the look.


When investing a great deal of money into revolutionary lights for your studio, you don’t want just another remote. LIFX makes it possible to connect via their app and control everything and more then you expect! For example, you can paint on the Beam with your fingers to add color to a specific place. You can also set times so the light will wake you up and set moods with all their built-in pre-sets, this all connected via Wi-Fi.

A feature we do like a lot is voice assistance. It’s the future for controlling and works well. LIFX Beam connects with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Microsoft Cortana. Want to dive deeper? Have a look at Nest, SmartThings, and IFTTT integrations to make custom triggers based on other electronics.


Depending on the part in your music studio or bedroom studio where you need lighting, the LIFX Beam can be an excellent choice! The setup part is, and it just looks fantastic within every room!


  • Pros

    Corner parts or separated beam sections can be ordered afterward to extend. All plugs you need and easy to control within the app.

  • Cons

    Can be hard to get it in the right position on the wall when trying for the first time.

  • Price


  • Website

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