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27 Feb 2017

T & Sugah: 'Push DnB to a higher level!'

producer/news T & Sugah: 'Push DnB to a higher level!'

Hi Gentlemen! Please present yourselves. 

We are T & SUGAH! A duo of DJ’s and producers from the Netherlands. Drum & Bass is our passion and the main dish of our sets, where we also mix a bit of Dubstep and Future bass. In one sentence, our mission is to push D&B to a higher level. We are now starting in our own little country, but our ambitions are international.

We’ve released our music with labels such as Liquicity, Viper, Hospital en Radar recs. This year we started our own label called “High Tea Music”. On February 24th, High Tea organized its first big event, which took place at the Melkweg, Amsterdam.

To which scene can you compare the Drum & Bass scene?

We think the D&B scene has a unique vibe. The audience is really there for the music. You can’t say that for a lot of other genres!

Do you need special production techniques to make Drum & Bass different from for instance those for Progressive House?

You have to be able to make good snares, the snare drum has a dominant place in the mix and it defines for a large part the sound of a track.
Additionally, it is important to keep the lows frequencies under control. If you do not take notice of this, the track may sound sloppy. This is also valid not only for D&B, but for all the genres with high BPM.

How did you rise in the Drum & Bass scene?

It all started with a remix of Katy B’s 5 AM that was noticed by Liquicity. From that moment on things went pretty fast. Instantly we had a fan base and were playing at parties like Major League, Liquicity and so on.

Have you ever thought about producing other genres? What were your craziest sidesteps? 

As a matter of fact, we first started as House & Dubstep producers in 2012. But we abandoned that path after we got in contact with D&B. This genre stole our hearts.

Besides that, we recently restarted to produce Dubstep. For now it is just for the fun but, who knows, maybe you get to hear more from it in the near future.

Do you have tips for producers at home? 

Teach yourself not to do everything at once. If you do that you get distracted, which makes it difficult to make a coherent track. For instance, take the time to work on drums or synth presets in order to have them ready when you have the inspiration to make a track.

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