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6 Jan 2019

Taking a music course online? Which one should you choose (online music school)

instruments Taking a music course online? Which one should you choose (online music school)

Earlier we have already written about a bachelor/University-producer-course or education. That is, of course, reserved for those who would like to become a music producer and perhaps already run as a DJ or would want to.

With a music course, they mean something completely different! Are you orienting to follow a music course? Then you probably want to master one of the following things and start learning through an online music course.

  • Music-theory online course
  • Piano online course
  • Guitar online course
  • Bass-guitar online course
  • Drum lesson online course
  • Singing lessons online course

You want to learn how to play an instrument and learn the theory behind it. Previously this often happened at a physical music school but in the year 2018 that can also be done online! There are a lot of offers and choices when you go online to look, that makes a choice very difficult. In this article, we give you some tips to pay attention to when selecting a good online music course/school.

The way and shape of online music lesson

Every online music course has a different and unique way of teaching. Because video content is viral and especially among the younger target group, this is also the best way for us. Through video, you get a connected feeling with the instrument and the teachers. Also, a video is the closest physical lesson from a music teacher.

Once in a while, alternating with direct video contact is indeed not a luxury! So you can still look 1-on-1 how the progress is. This does not mean that other forms of teaching do not work, it is also especially important where you feel good as a student!

An explicit content of different lessons from simple skills to more complex activities is also very nice!

Personal feedback

As mentioned above, making music and learning to play is always something personal and it is, therefore, helpful to receive personal feedback. This way you can sit on top of it and receive personal tips that help you in the process.

Check if your provider for the music lessons has recorded different contact moments online in the plan for which you paid.

Price of music lesson

Do not forget that it all just has a business model and that bread has to be put on the shelf. We would say this in the Netherlands. But it is your money, so you have to be on 1 line and be satisfied with what you get about the costs.

Check carefully whether it is a monthly, one-time or other payment.


The various online providers often show off praising experience from previous students. This is very important! But more importantly, to look at such an unfiltered way of reviews, by this we mean for example Google Reviews where people can give their opinion. A good idea is also to look at social media how the experiences are with the relevant music school.

Do you have questions about which music school suits your situation? Let us know in a comment, and we will help you!

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