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19 Dec 2018

The 5 best studio monitors [UNDER 200 EURO]

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In this article, we will discuss the various components of studio monitors. Do you doubt or do you want to know which studio monitors are right for you? Then read this article.

When making or working with audio, it is very important that you hear the sound correctly and clearly. If you get a wrong impression of audio, you also make the wrong adjustments to the audio. Studio monitors are therefore mainly used for mixing and mastering audio. The mixing process consists mainly of getting the different audio tracks at the right height. These tracks must be proportional to each other. For example, the vocals sound nicely in balance with the piano.

During the master process, you make even more detailed adjustments to the sound. These adjustments can be so minimal that you do not hear this with ordinary speakers, but only with decent studio monitors. Does it sound good on your studio monitors? This is often the case with other installations. Studio monitors are therefore essential in every small and large studio!

Why monitor Studio?

Get a fair picture of audio

The main reason to buy studio monitors is to get a fair view of the audio you are working with. Take for example a bass line. It is difficult to hear on regular speakers and especially through laptop speakers. If you want to have every sound perfectly matched, you should start with a few studio monitors.

The interplay with an audio interface

If you have purchased an audio interface, you almost always need studio monitors. This is because the connections at the back of the audio interface are XLR or Jack 6.3MM, these are connections for studio monitors and no ordinary speakers.

What to look for when buying studio monitors?


The format is very important for studio speakers, this depends on the space in which you work. Often 5inc speakers are sufficient in front of a small computer room or bedroom. But if you want to use the speakers while DJing and parties it is useful to look at a larger model, for example, 7/8 inch.

2-way or 3-way monitors

If you work with audio, you will undoubtedly know the three different frequency ranges, low, mid and high. Studio monitors are also often distributed. There are 3 different speakers for this frequency. The tweater above is for high, the speaker itself for mid and the hole below for the low. If it is a 2-way speaker it may be that the other frequencies are being picked up differently, this depends on the speaker.


It is wise to check the connections to be safe. Do you match these with your sound card and do you have the right cabling?


You often buy a piece, but you always need two or more speakers. Therefore, ask carefully whether the price is per piece or per set.

5 best studio speakers under 200 euros!

Adam Audio T5V

Best tested for bedroom producers and small studios!

The ADAM T5V has a sleek design and is equipped with a 5-inch woofer and a 1.9-inch tweeter. The monitor is provided with an AMT tweeter which can handle the highest frequencies due to its low moving mass so that your mix always sounds good in the high frequencies.

Price: 174, -

KRK RP5 G3 active studio monitor

And that's three! The KRK RP5 G3 is the refined continuation of the successful, compact studio monitor. With 5 inch woofer (of course yellow) and a new front baffle, for even fewer resonances and better radiation.

Price: 120, -

Yamaha HS5 active studio monitor

Yamaha introduces a nice near-field studio monitor with this HS5i. This model now has the option of attaching the monitors to the wall or ceiling and makes them suitable for a wider range of applications.

Price: 192, -

Pioneer S-DJ50X active studio monitor

The S-DJ50X breathes dance. Pioneer designed this sleek active monitor to give the contemporary club sound as good as possible. This compact model has 80 watts ready and is finished with high quality.

Price: 146, -

Mackie MR5mk3 active studio monitor

The third version of the Mackie MR series offers a solid housing with internal damping. This MR5mk3 studio monitor sounds flawless, without resonances or distortion. With 50 Watt RMS and adjustable bass and treble.

Price: 129, -

More budget?

Genelec 8040 BPM active studio monitor (per speaker)

Price: 782, -

Focal Alpha 80 active studio monitor (per piece)

Price: 332, -

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