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23 Mar 2019

The 5 essential steps to write a hit song!

other/news The 5 essential steps to write a hit song!

There are no universal techniques and patterns of how the song is written. Everyone eventually finds their own way: this chain of actions will most likely produce a result. It is more convenient for someone to write lyrics for music, while others prefer to start with song lyrics. There is no need to stick to the same strategy all the time, since both methods may work best in certain cases. 

Today we will look at an example of writing a song, starting with the text, since you can be anywhere and all you need is your smartphone or notebook.


For many musicians, writing a song is a work that depends on various factors like mood, environment, and so on. However, you can look for reasons every day to put things off and end up with much less than planned. The best way out is to relate to writing a song as a mission, for which you do not have to wait for inspiration, but just to start and gradually go towards the goal.

So the best way to start writing a song is to just do it. :)

Setting goals is a common habit for people, but the most difficult part is to complete the task. Even if you don’t feel experienced enough to write a song, the decision of completing it to the end shows your determination.

Getting ideas

The very first question people can ask about songwriting is: “What will this song be about?”. You decide what to write about. The best ideas come from experience, whether from the past or the present. You can go out in search of topics, or chat with people. For others, inspiration may appear when playing random piano chords or brainstorming words and phrases to include in the lyrics.

The search for ideas can also be frustrating, as they usually do not come immediately. It is important to be patient and find new experiences in these difficult times.

Before you write the lyrics, you should think about the topic. This is not the main thing, but most often it is good to have an idea that is supported throughout the song.

The second option is to imagine the subject you want to write about. Maybe you heard about a situation that is close to you or you were recently in a situation worthy of writing a song about it. Ideas for lyrics can be in the form of rhymed lines or interesting thoughts that can be developed.

The main thing is to write down all the ideas that come up in your head, despite the fact that they seem funny, incomplete or absurd. The process of writing songs begins with selecting those ideas and thinking out what you think has potential. You can choose one and leave the rest for the future. Get a notebook, a file or a folder with ideas. There should be a lot of ideas and not all of them will become songs. 

Use dictionaries in your work. A rhyming dictionary will allow you to find a rhyme to the most difficult words. To make your lyrics more interesting and diverse, also use the dictionary of synonyms, which is an irreplaceable assistant for songwriters.

Regular reading of books will equip with numerous speech constructions and vocabulary, with the help of which it will be easier for you to communicate thoughts. In turn, regular listening to music will give many examples of the text structures, based on which you can form your own. Also, regular listening to music will give many examples of the lyric structures, based on which you can form your own.

Creating the hook

It happens that if the lyrics are overloaded with complex thoughts, they take a lot of time to understand. A brain explosion is for an intellectual song, but not for popular radio stations. 

For a song to be unique, it is necessary to fill it with unique elements. It should include memorable key phrases. This may be an interesting unfamiliar idea of the song as a whole. Or creative phrases and unexpected turns. Don’t forget that different people perceive the world differently. Try to make hooks for everyone.

If you pay attention, everyone always remembers the choruses. A hook is a musical or poetic phrase that attracts your attention most when listening to a song. Each hit track has a lot of hooks that work together. The main task is to make a simple, memorable phrase that makes you listen to your song again and again. 

Structuring your ideas

When it comes to a hit song, the hook is not enough. But after several lines have already been written, the rest of the song comes easily. You need a background for the main idea. This background should bring the listener to the main point in the right way. These are verses that lead to the chorus and disperse the attention before the drop, where the main idea should repeat again. 

All commercially "correct" songs are built according to the following structure. First comes the verse of the song, followed by the pre-chorus of the musical composition; the chorus of the song itself, and the bridge is for the “dessert”.

Every song part has a specific task. This way the "key" of the composition is conveyed to people. Overall, each song has a plot development, action, and ending. 

Building a melody

After the rearrangement of ideas and numerous drafts, your song is finally finished. Now is the time to look at what you have created. Getting started is easy, but completing a task means strong persistence. 

The most exciting part of writing a song is singing it out loud. It is very important that the words are easily pronounced in the song. Try to sing them to your musical rhythm with any melody. Change all the words that you stumbled on because you probably aren’t writing a song for enunciation training.

Maybe you will need to fill your lyrics with pauses.  

The good lyrics already contain bright accents that need to be emphasized in the melody. Try to vary the pace - fast, medium, slow. Place accents on the phrases where you need to pronounce the text more emotionally. Feel the rhythm of your lyrics. It can give you a boost for building a melody. 

When you are writing a song, it’s like playing a game. The main idea may remain dominant or may fade into the background. Your ideas may be strong or weak, but the main thing is to write regularly. Inspiration comes only when you constantly practice.

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