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31 Jan 2019

The best studio microphones [under 150 euro!]

producer/hardware The best studio microphones [under 150 euro!]

In this article we give you the information you need if you want to buy a studio microphone. There are a number of things that are important and that you have to take into account. Do you have a question? Let us know in the comments.

The word microphone is derived from ancient Greek words like mikros, Foné = sound, voice. A microphone converts sound into an electrical signal. This way you get a digital representation of the sound so you can edit it.

A studio microphone in your studio setup is a valuable addition. It is a tool to be more creative, so try to record your vocals. Even if you can not sing, there are plenty of effects that make your voice sound unrecognisable.

Why a studio microphone?

There may be several reasons why you need a studio microphone. There is a number below.

  • Record vocals

Self-explanatory is one of the main reasons why you need a studio microphone, recording vocals. From vocals to rap, it is possible with a studio microphone!

  • Create your own samples

A nice extra is to record your own samples. This could be, for example, claps or hitting pans. This allows you to create a sample pack yourself and create unique sounds. It is always more original to make your own samples, instead of copying them from an existing sample pack.

  • Make a video tutorial

For recording a YouTube tutorial, for example, you need a decent microphone. Especially when it comes to music/audio tutorial, your audio needs to be in order.

What should you pay attention to when buying a studio microphone?

  • Acoustics

The biggest mistake that is made has to do with acoustics. You can have a very expensive and good studio microphone, but if your acoustics are not in order, you have nothing to do with it. The sound still sounds awful in a lousy room. A screen around your microphone is an easy and common solution. At the bottom of this article are some sets of screens.

  • Connections

You connect a studio microphone to an external audio interface. A studio microphone often has an XLR connection, which you connect to your audio interface. Always check whether the connections match your audio interface.

  • Studio or Stage

A studio microphone is different from a stage microphone. A studio microphone is a condenser microphone, which is made to record all details. A stage microphone also called a dynamic microphone, this is really pure for use on stage and will not amplify every aspect of the audience, for example.

  • Necessities

You need some parts for a studio microphone that you should not forget:

  • Tripod
  • XLR cable
  • Pop filter/windscreen or acoustic space
  • An External audio interface
  • Headphones
  • food

Most studio microphones get power through the sound card. This is also called phantom power with 48Volt. The sound card sends the small amount of energy through the XLR cable. There should be a button on the audio interface with which you can switch it on.

The 5 best studio microphones from Inside Audio

1. Devine BM-600 large diaphragm condenser studio microphone

The BM-600 by Devine is a practical condenser studio microphone, with three switchable directional characteristics, a low-cut filter and even a -10 dB pad. Ideal for vocals and instruments.

Price: 89, -

2. Audio Technica AT2035 studio microphone

The Audio Technica AT2035 is a large membrane studio microphone. This is provided with a high-quality capsule with a cardioid withdrawal pattern.

Price: 155, -

3. Red NT1-A studio microphone Complete Vocal Recording Solution

The Rode NT1-A is a condenser microphone. This 15th Anniversary edition comes with an accessory package containing a shock mount including pop screen, storage cover, 6 meters of cable and a DVD.

Price: 189, -

 4. SE Electronics X1 S Vocal Pack

SE Electronics introduces the X1 S Vocal Pack the successor to the popular X1 condenser microphone. In addition to the microphone, this combination bundle has a shock mount and pop filter. The X1 S has been improved in every way.

Price: 169, -

5. MXL 990 large diaphragm condenser microphone

The MXL 990 large diaphragm condenser microphone has an excellent price/quality ratio. Or rather, you get a lot for your money! The 990 gives a clear, detailed sound thanks to the large aperture.

Price: 85, -

6. Aston Spirit microphone (According to Inside Audio one of the best microphones in the world!

Price: 339, -

Read the Inside Audio review here.

The best microphone set from Inside Audio

1. SE Electronics X1 S Studio Bundle microphone bundle

With the X1 S studio bundle, you will get the hang of it. Besides the X1 S studio condenser microphone, you will find in the bundle the widely acclaimed RF-X reflection filter, a shock mount, pop filter and a 3-meter long XLR cable.

Price: 239, -

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