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20 Jun 2017

The future of sample packs and synthesizers with Splice Sounds

producer/software The future of sample packs and synthesizers with Splice Sounds

Look at Netflix and Spotify, what's so innovative about it and what makes it so popular at the same time? This is the subscription model. Previously, consumers bought CDs and movies but through the digital world and the easy download of these media it ended up being at an economic disaster. Shops close the doors and sales dropped considerably, which caused major unrest in the sector. The answer to this problem followed a few years later, streaming Netflix for movies and Spotify for music. For a small amount per month, you get access to a large library of media that you can stream unlimited. Now there is also a solution for the music producer world Splice Sounds.

Splice Sounds and Splice plugins hire and stream

Splice Sounds gives you access to a huge library of samples for one fixed amount per month. As every music producer knows, new sample packs are released daily and some of these are very pricey. Because of this feature, you do not need to scan the internet weekly for the latest samples, but this can be found in your Splice Sounds dashboard.

In addition to unlimited use of sample packs, you can also rent the popular plug-in Serum. Instead of paying 179 $, you can pay $ 10 per month, after 18 payments you 'own' the plug-in. For beginners, this is very interesting as you do not have to pay a high amount immediately.

Never lose any more projects

Splice Projects is an application for free download for Mac and Windows. Within this application, you have control over your projects, sounds and plugins. Splice Projects is a completely free option and allows you to automatically sync all your projects in Splice's cloud.

Very useful, because once you lose a project, it is still in your Splice account. It's all automatic and you do not have to worry about it yourself - highly recommend!

Collaborate in the cloud

Working together and sharing projects has been made very easy with Splice Sounds. Gain access to projects because they are already in the cloud.


Splice consists of three parts: Splice Projects, Splice Sounds and Splice Plugins. All three work differently and, of course, they also have different functions. Implementing this tool well can bring you a lot of benefits and improve your workflow. In addition, it also provides financial benefits and saves you money by using this tool as a producer with Splice Sounds.

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