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13 Jan 2018

The iOS interface for on the road - iTrack One Pre

reviews The iOS interface for on the road - iTrack One Pre

Focusrite is known for releasing professional studio and live gear. Iconic interfaces such an as the Scarlett range and recently launched a new series called Clarett Range. But Focusrite is also making their way in the portable recording and mobile recording solutions. They have a few portable solutions nowadays.

We will have a look at the iTrack One Pre for iOS devices.

Where to use it for?

You can use the iTrack One Pre perfectly for recording with an Ipad or Iphone. Use a condenser microphone into your iPhone or iPad without needing any external power, just put on the phantom power that is generated from your iOS device.

Plug in a guitar and record wherever you are whenever you want. It is a device that fits perfectly in a small back-pack, to carry it everywhere you go. The best way to record your tracks is in Garage Band on an iPhone.

Look and feel of the iTrack One Pre

The look and feel is something that satisfied us. The cube is made from soft-rubber with an extra bag included. It will be no problem, to put in in your bag without destroying it. Maybe some scratches will appear, but everything is made robust and will not break.


It’s a plug and play device, perfect for people that are on the road a lot. The cube is solid and won’t break that easily. Whenever you on vacation or just want to record something quick, this is the perfect device.


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