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10 Aug 2016

The vocal plugin Exhale

producer The vocal plugin Exhale

The plug-in designer's Output previously already came up with the popular REV and Signal and now they are back with the plug-in Exhale! Exhale is a dream for producers who like to work with vocals and manipulated vocals.

With Exhale you get the ability to scroll through numerous presets professionally recorded vocals, then to manipulate them with many modern and cool effects.

Output plugins

Output has built a very good reputation in recent times. This by releasing several plug-ins that run in Kontakt from Native Instruments. Kontakt is free to download and is an intermediate plug-in which your other plug-ins keep going.

What is very striking that the plug-ins from Output all have a clear goal, as the VST REV purely for the purpose sounds mainly to create atmospheres and loops and reverse sounds.

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With the plug-in Exhale, they also have a purpose and this is: make vocals accessible to a large group. The slogan of Exhale, "The First Truly Modern Vocal Engine''.

'' The First Truly Modern Vocal Engine ''

Exhale own projects.

Personally, I've been to a lot of experimenting with Exhale. It is, in my opinion, a plug-in that you won't release after touching the first note. Below is a project in which Exhale plays the leading role!

''a plug-in that you won't release after touching the first note''

Full song

New hands-on vocals

Output has really done his best to give a new twist to the use of vocals in productions. So it can run down the traditional process of the same stippling or use digital voices. It is a completely new tool for creating vocals, as you play you can add all the effects to your productions. The vocals in the plug-in are real recorded and sampled.
You have the choice between the main view notes, loops and slices.

On the order from long to short, so the notes are in a nice background-choir, for example, be used as a layer in your chords. With this you certainly achieve your software in a big advantage, not many hobby musicians have access to the traditional choir.


The Engine is the part where all the manipulation operations are performed, by adjusting the attack to delay and reverb adjustments. Below is a sampling of the possibilities of the engine part.

  • Pan
  • Volume
  • Filter (cutoff, reso, ADSR and AMT different filter types)
  • pitch
  • Dirt
  • Motion
  • Compressor
  • Tone
  • delays
  • reverb
  • Rythm waves sequencer
  • EQ
  • These are the default effects in Exhale, I'm taking many advantages of. Because I find it unnecessary to put separate effects in the mixer if there already is an effect bowl in the Synth itself. Regardless of the standard effects are also very fine talk options, allows you to send the statement of the current preset.

    Engine view:




  • Without professional recording space access to professional vocals.
  • Much to tweak, so you can customize to suit the existing vocal.
  • The user interface is well thought, really a plug-in of this time!


  • Disadvantages. Getting the perfect sound that fits in your song takes time, and the continuous play with effects will eventually provide a great result. You must have patience, but in my opinion, this applies to almost everything in music production.

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