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3 Feb 2018

This 3D tuner offers advanced display technology in a sleek and unobtrusive design.

instruments/stringinstruments This 3D tuner offers advanced display technology in a sleek and unobtrusive design.

KMC Music, announced the market introduction of the new Matrix Scarab 3D tuner at Winter NAMM 2018. According to KMC Music Vice President of Merchandising Roger Hart, the new Matrix Scarab 3D Tuner is available for immediate delivery to dealers.

“Clip-on tuners have traditionally been unattractive plastic lumps that look like digital watches clamped onto your headstock and stick out like a sore thumb,” Hart said today. “The new Matrix Scarab 3D’s sleek, unobtrusive design doesn’t distract from the beauty of your instrument. Its simple, clean design, combined with the all-new 3D display technology, makes Matrix Scarab 3D tuner a real game changer in the accessories market.”

The Scarab 3D tuner takes the traditional clip-on tuner to the next level, putting a new modern twist on the traditional “needle” style pitch display with an all-new 3D display that provides the user with better visibility from multiple angles. Not only is the Scarab 3D tuner a great looking tuner, its clip design, accuracy and chromatic tuning functionality make it perfect for almost any instrument, including guitar, bass, ukuleles, bowed instruments, and wood and brass wind instruments.

“This new tuner is easy to use and seamlessly blends into your instrument’s profile. We’re excited to make this tuner available to our entire dealer network,” Hart continued. “We’re sure that they will find that its unique styling and innovative display add up to a profitable, fast turning addition to their product offering.

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