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10 Aug 2016

Tips from Maarten Vorwerk

producer Tips from Maarten Vorwerk

Super ghost-producer Maarten Vorwerk is posting helpfull tips for a while now on Facebook. The hit producer shares his knowledge through social media, all these tips are compiled in a PDF file and are now free to download! Maarten Vorwerk really came into the picture when they found out that he was the producer of the hit 'Epic', later they revealed that Sandro Silva had helped but Quintino wasn't really involved with the production of this project.

In addition, Maarten has produced numerous hits, although there is much speculation not all is public. He would produce the tracks of DVBBS and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, but this has never been confirmed. Maarten now has his own studio in Aruba here he is enjoying the nature, beach, sun and of course his studio. He has so obviously gained some money with his productions, so he's probably behind more hits :)

Download the e-book here.

Below are some photos from the Instagram account of Maarten.

(No studio pictures as you see)

Een foto die is geplaatst door Maarten (@maartenvorwerk) op

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