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11 Aug 2016

Top 5 - Studio gadgets

producer/hardware Top 5 - Studio gadgets

There are lots of gear freaks in the music industry, and this is not so odd. There are many cool gadgets and goodies for your studio. Many products improve your workflow. We made a top 5 list of our favourite gadgets! Add your favourite gadgets to the comments below!

Volume Controller

A volume controller is very convenient to turn in your productions. This is a piece of hardware, for example, you can place it next to your keyboard. There are many different variations of basics volume control to switch monitors and listen to mono/stereo.

Almost every producer has them in its standard equipment. The picture below shows quite an expensive one but there are simpler versions starting at 80 euros. It's a top upgrade in terms of workflow! Click here for more information.

Mousepad with keyboard shortcuts

Each DAW has numerous keyboard shortcuts that you can use. If you know them, you can quickly switch between different screens and functions. It is certainly worth the time to invest in. For the long term, it will save you time and you'll keep more time for your creativity! Inside Audio has developed several mouse pads.

Shortcuts on your keyboard

An alternative is to put the shortcut keys on your keyboard with stickers. These are for sale for Ableton and Logic. With this, you can switch very quickly and work fast. The negative thing is: not all shortcuts will fit on it.

Portable recorder

A portable recorder is a real winner! With this, you can always record on-the-road sounds. Afterwards, they can be used as a sample. For example, nature sounds or noises on the train. You can upload this on your computer and use it in the productions. This creates a true signature style with own original sounds. The recorder below from Zoom is a really popular portable recorder with an amazing price and quality range.

Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder - 2016 Version

VU / stereo meters

VU / Stereo hardware meter is a great screen to place next to your current monitor. With this, you can immediately see whether your project is not clipping and how the mono finish is done. Note that these are not cheap.

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