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25 Jan 2017

Trobi: 'You go for it or you dont!'

producer Trobi: 'You go for it or you dont!'

Inside Audio recently labeled him as one of the 'Future Star' of 2017. Bryan du Chatenier better known as his DJ alias Trobi signed last year at a young age to the biggest dance label in the world: Spinnin’ Records.

(This interview is translated by Insideaudio, the original version is available in Dutch on our website)

Hi Trobi, Introduce yourself!
Hi! My name is Bryan du Chatenier, I’m a DJ and producer under the name Trobi and I combine Commercial Deep House with tropical influences.

How old were you when you started producing?
When I started to produce music myself, I was 12 years old and I worked with FL Studio, now I'm working with Ableton and Logic Pro X.

How did you get into the music business? 

This because of a friend of my father. His son was making music, so came into contact with music. Eventually, he stopped and I kept going, now I'm standing here.

Of course, it would have been difficult in the beginning. How long was it before you realized that your work was being recognized? 
To be very honest. That must have been for only half a year, or a year ago. I did heard about people who liked it but i was not yet entirely convinced. The last half a year, I’m satisfied with my own music and I find it relaxing to listen to it because it is according to my own thoughts the way I want it.

Many producers of your age are trying to achieve the same. What did you do to stand out?
I do not know what I've done exactly to stand out like this. At least I have the right people around me. I'm working 24/7 on my music and all the side things, because I need to. You're all the way on it or not, if I compare it to football I play Champions League and I can play, but if I do not go all the way I'll be just like many other on the couch. That’s not the way I want it.

What are things that young producers should be aware of?
Don’t try to be someone else. I'm not saying you must be a trendsetter, I find myself being not, so don’t keep yourself too busy imitatating someone. Simply do what you like and do not be influenced too much by what people say and think about it.

What are your three tips to become successful as a producer?
To be quite honest, I think there are no tips to be successful because either I think I’m not successful. And I'm still not successful, everything is going well but I cannot certainly call myself a succesful one yet. What I think is important to be successful are:
•    Discipline.
•    Focus.
•    Have fun in what you do.

What is your favorite plug-in / which you use from the beginning? 
I'm not working with much plugins because I find it much cooler to dive into audio, but if I use a plugin it often is Sylenth 1 or Serum.

How did you learn to make the first steps in producing music?
I learned a lot at the beginning with Youtube tutorials, remakes and especially a lot of friends who also started making music!

Do you have any advice for young producers?
Do what you like, enjoy what you do and just keep making music, keep making music until you find it really good and then go on and go on! I produce for like 5 years now, but since the past 6 months I feel fine by listening my own music now like: Hey, this is right, just like it is in my head and I find it relaxing to listen to.

Who inspired you to make music? 
The ones that inspired me to make music for sure are: Avicii & Major Lazer. Now mainly Boaz Beatz.

What was your biggest obstacle when you started making music?
The biggest obstacle when I started making music is, I think especially the fact that all the music you hear is like 100.000x better than your own music, and then you think; F*CK, I want that too. Discipline and keep going is the key to success! ☺


Here the newest release by Trobi!

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