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3 Oct 2020

TuneCore Review - The Best Service To Upload Music To Spotify

reviews TuneCore Review - The Best Service To Upload Music To Spotify

Upload music to Spotify, we have already written a lot about it. See the complete overview below with all blogs that will help you as an artist when it comes to placing your music on streaming platforms.

In this article, we are going to talk about TuneCore, one of the largest distributors for music online. Based in New York founded in 2005, TuneCore is a large company with an extensive platform for artists so extensive that we want to dedicate an article to this, in this article you can read our experience with TuneCore!

Upload Your Music to Spotify

What can you do with TuneCore?

Basically, TuneCore is a Spotify aggregator that has created a platform that allows you to put your music on Spotify. TuneCore ensures that with a single upload you can place your music on 150 platforms. You have central insight into the statistics and you receive payments via TuneCore.

Below are a number of additional services that TuneCore offers.

  • Social media tools
  • Publishing administration
  • Sync and master licensing
  • Analytics and reporting

What are the advantages over other aggregators?

TuneCore is known for having a lot of extensive features built in for artists. So TuneCore doesn't only provides the basics uploading music, but has really started thinking about how they can offer more value for artists. They managed to do this by building extensive tools and functions.

Social media tools

Social media is super powerful, hopefully you know that as an artist. TuneCore has therefore created functions that allow you to quickly share your music with your fan base on social media. This tool is called Linkshare.

You can also use TuneCore to post via a tool and publish to multiple platforms such as Facebook and Twitter - with features to edit your photos directly. In addition, you gain insight into your statistics with this tool to monitor your social media.

There is a free version of this tool as well as a paid version for $ 7.99 where you get all the features. This can be compared with a social media planning tool, which are also in this price range. However, TuneCore is made for artists - and it's nice to have everything centrally in one tool.

TuneCore homepage
Parts of TuneCore
Steps of TuneCore
Sync TuneCore

Publishing administration and Sync & Mastering

A tool that keeps track of where your music is used and collects income for this. You therefore have the opportunity to generate income that uses your music in the background of a YouTube video - you are entitled to this as an artist.

You retain your copyright and gain insight into where your music is used and important, you will of course get paid for this.

A function that cannot be done manually, TuneCore has advanced systems and links that keep track of this.

You pay a one-time start-up fee of $ 75 for submitting unlimited music. You keep 85% from the royalties and 80% of the sync amounts. If this yields results, it can be very lucrative as an artist.

Analytics and reporting

One of the strengths of TuneCore is the extensive statistics and insights they provide. As an artist, this gives you good insight and you can make strategic choices based on that. This way you can see in which countries your music is popular, and you can base choices for concerts on that data.

Our experience

Read more about that in this article about Distrokid or TuneCore. Our experience with TuneCore is great, we have released songs through TuneCore and are very happy with the method and workflow. TuneCore provides clear and transparent information and explanations at every step, the whole process is not complicated.

Do you want to release more music? Then TuneCore is not the cheapest but you get a lot in return with which you can take your artist career to a higher level!

Upload Your Music to Spotify

Below is a summary of the pros and cons


  • Grow reach through TuneCore with all platforms you can release on
  • 100% rights and pay-out on your music
  • Social possibilities
  • Payment options and payment
  • Support
  • Free UPC and ISRC codes
  • User friendly
  • Extensive statistics
  • Complete platform


  • Not the cheapest if you release more than 2/3 songs
  • Most products cost money per year / month

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