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10 Apr 2019

Tutorial: How to use Fruity Slicer

producer/techniques Tutorial: How to use Fruity Slicer

Fruity Slicer is a plugin where you can manipulate samples in. For example, you can chop samples up, pitch them, time stretch them and reverse them. In FL Studio you also have Slice X but Fruity Slicer is an easier plugin to use because it only has a couple of important knobs.

Before you put your sample in Fruity Slicer

Make sure that before you drop your sample in Fruity Slicer that your sample is matched to the tempo/BPM of your project. If you found an old record that you want to sample then you first need to cut out a part of that song of course. Once you’ve got your loop you can throw it in your playlist. You’ll see that most of the time it doesn’t match the BPM of your project. You can easily make the sample fit the BPM of your project by stretching it. You can do this by clicking the stretch knob on the left side of the playlist or by pressing Shift + M and then drag your sample from the side to a point where it matches the BPM of your project.

You can also make it fit the BPM by going to your sample and turning your time stretch knob.

Once you’ve matched your sample to your BPM you can render it out as an audio file. You can do this by clicking on your pattern and then “render as audio clip” (make sure you solo your sample if you have other instruments playing).

The important knobs of Fruity Slicer

Once you open up Fruity Slicer your decay slider will be turned up a little bit, make sure you reset this before you start chopping up your sample. There are only a couple important knobs on this plugin. The “Attack Slider”, the “Pitch Slider”, the “Time Stretch Slider”, the “Slicing” knob and the “Reverse” button.

Let begin with the “Slicing” knob, over here you can choose in how many parts you want your sample to be chopped up in. The most common one is the “beat” option.

Now when you drop your sample in Fruity Slicer and press play you’ll hear a clicking noise. You can get rid of this by turning your “Attack Slider” up. This will make every chopped part of your sample fade in.

These are the basics for making your sample ready to chop up so now You can chop your sample up and come up with something you like. If you want to be even more creative with your sample you can use the “Pitch” and “Time Stretch” sliders. With the “Pitch” slider can you pitch your sample up or down. And with the “Time Stretch” slider can you stretch the time of your chopped up parts. This can make it sound more interesting or worse, so you’ll just have to play around with it. And at last, you can use the “Reverse” button. By clicking on your chopped up pieces of your sample, you can see in the top left corner a “REV” button. With this button, you’ll reverse that specific sliced part of your sample.

These are the most important things you can do with Fruity Slicer. Play around with these options, be creative and most importantly: have fun!

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