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4 Sep 2018

Underestimate EQ

producer/techniques Underestimate EQ

As a supplement to the beginner's mistake # 6, it is important that you know what you can do with EQ (Equalising). To continue to search for the right drum sounds, it is good if you know what you can do with the sound to make it sound the way you want. For example, if you have found a Snare sound that sounds perfect, but has just too much 'low' (low frequencies), you do not necessarily have to look for a different sound. That's a shame! With EQ you can make certain frequencies harder or softer. In the case of the Snare sound, you can easily reduce the 'layer'. In addition, EQ is also indispensable when mixing your track. With EQ you can make your mix clearer, by ensuring that sounds do not interfere with each other in terms of frequencies. For example, EQ is the tool to make a Kick and a Bassline that sound simultaneously sound good.

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