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27 Aug 2019

Update: Inside Audio launch new platform for music stores and musicians

other/news Update: Inside Audio launch new platform for music stores and musicians

Note: this update is only available on our Dutch version of the website, later this year we will launch internationally.

The last few weeks it has been a bit quiet on Inside Audio in terms of content. Behind the scenes, we have worked hard to expand our knowledge library for producers and musicians. But we have been particularly busy with the launch of a platform update. Our dreams are big and step by step we are transforming our music blog into a complete platform for musician and producer.

Until now, at Inside Audio we have mainly focus to deliver content about music hardware. Now we are also going to connect music stores in the Netherlands with consumers searching on the internet.

Stores can join Inside Audio and import their assortment into our database. Visitors at Inside Audio have the option to search for items and see which store in the area sells them. It is not just about the price, but about the location of the consumer and the store. For example, we want to offer the consumer the opportunity to go to a store and be informed professionally and, last but not least, to view the article, to hold it and to play and / or listen to it if applicable.

The Inside Audio Store and Product Database
Select a category
Filter on important productdetails
An easy and simple overview of products
The product page with info and review if available
Store overview based on location and price, if selected
Is the price high or low at this moment?
More features coming soon!
Founders Thomas & Jeffrey

We now have more than 120 stores and more than 60,000 products in our database. In the coming weeks, we will further expand the platform with new functions and connect many new stores. Brands can join for free and get the opportunity to do extra promotions, which is not mandatory.

Our goal is to have the Dutch business musical instrument market and the musician come into contact with each other on one central platform. Do you have feedback or ideas? Let us know and mail to [email protected].

This platform will launch later on our English version of the website, we're you located at this moment :)

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