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27 Dec 2017

Video: the classic and warm synth Repro-5 from U-He

reviews Video: the classic and warm synth Repro-5 from U-He

U-He has launched the official version of Repro-5 after a free beta period. Repro-5 is the follow-up of Repro-1 and is a complete synth with more functions, which are derived from the Repro-1. U-he has been building great digitaliser synthesizers for years: Zebra, Diva, Ace, Bazille, Satin, Presswork, Hive and Uhbik. They also collaborate with sound designers and composers such as Hans Zimmer, Hans Hafner, Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek and sound designers Alon Prat (Kyhon), Kevin Schröder, Tasmodia, Michael Kastrup and BigTone studios. 

Repro dives into the past for analogue inspiration, meticulously modelling two famous synthesizers. Every detail of the original was captured using component-level modelling technology to create the most authentic model possible. All the subtle characteristics and quirks found in the originals are present in Repro. One product, one installer, two synths.

  • 8-stems polyphony
  • 1 to 8 voice unison with glide control
  • Audio-rate voice modulation: oscillator FM (frequency and pulse width), filter FM
  • 4-pole resonant lowpass filter
  • Flexible modulation options plus 2-slot matrix
  • Polyphonic distortion unit with 4 types including bit crusher
  • 5 effects: tape emulation, delay/chorus, EQ/resonator, reverb, sonic conditioner/dynamics processor
  • Over 950 factory presets


  • Pros

    Warm and unique sounding synth.

  • Cons

    Not many downloadable presets from third parties.

  • Price


  • Website

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