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28 Feb 2019

Want to buy DJ headphones? Read this first!

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While the DJ setup is usually already there, when you go to a club or festival to play, there is one thing every DJ always brings with him: His headphones. Headphones are essential for beatmatching and preparing the next track, so it’s really important that you buy good headphones. 

You might think you could just use your normal Hi-Fi headphones, but that’s not a good idea. I did that too when I was a beginner, but after one or two months, the headphones broke because I had to take them on and back of so many times while DJing and high-fi headphones are not made for that. Due to this, there are specific DJ headphones that, as the name already says, are built for DJing. In this blog, we will present you three pairs of DJ headphones that we think are amazing for DJing. But first, let’s have a look at!

What you should always look at when buying DJ headphones

The sound quality of DJ Headphones

The most obvious factor when buying headphones, in general, is sound quality. And of course, this is also important for DJ headphones! Other than for studio headphones, the frequency-balance doesn’t need to be flat for DJ headphones. It even might be useful to have a louder low-end while beatmatching, as you will be able to hear your kick drums well. When looking into the sound of DJ headphones, there’s one essential thing: the sound should stay clear, even when played at a very high volume. When you will play at a loud club, you will need to turn up the volume of your headphones all the way up to hear everything (which is essential for beatmatching etc). If you have bad headphones, they will distort at those high volumes, which makes them useless for DJing. All headphones on our list below have a nice low-end and can play at higher volumes without distortion. 

The comfort of DJ headphones

The next thing which is very important when buying DJ headphones is wearing comfort. You will probably wear your headphones for hours and you don’t want your ears to start hurting after half an hour because of your headphones. Also always check the cable options since you should be able to move freely on stage.

The build quality of DJ headphones

The last thing which you should look at when picking your headphones for DJing is the build quality. As we already said before, normal high-fi headphones will break when you use them for DJing. You will have to take your DJ headphones off and back on like 50 times during every single gig. So, if you buy low-quality built headphones, we can guarantee you, that those will break after a few gigs. Now, let’s look into our three favorite DJ headphones that are currently on the market!

Sennheiser HD 25


Used by: Avicii (RIP Legend), Hardwell, David Guetta and many more.

Price: €127

When you look into today’s clubs and at festival mainstages, you’ll see that a lot of DJs have one specific pair of headphones: The HD 25 by Sennheiser. The amazing sound quality, incredible build quality and great wearing comfort make this headphone a solid choice. Anyway, they are anything but cheap: These luxury headphones cost 127€, which is not affordable for beginner- and hobby DJs. But as we already mentioned before, this headphone is an absolute beast and when you can afford it it’s definitely worth the price.

Reloop RHP-15

Price: €69

If you are a professional DJ but you just can’t afford these headphones by Sennheiser, then we have another cheap, but still amazing pair of headphones for you: The RHP-15 by Reloop. Now, those are my absolute favorite DJ headphone and here is why: They have a nice bass heavy, but crystal-clear sound even at high volumes. The build quality is more than good (especially for the pretty low price) and the wearing comfort of the RHP-15 is, in my opinion, absolutely unbeatable. I even find those more comfortable than the Sennheiser HD-25, but this is up to personal preference.   So, if you are a professional DJ but cannot spend 130€ on a pair of headphones, this headphone is for you!

Hercules HDP M40.1

Price: €19.90

Now, those Reloop headphones are already pretty cheap, but they might still be too expensive for hobby DJs. And if you are looking for a pair of good headphones for home use, but for a small price, then the Hercules HDP 40.1 might be for you.  The price-performance-ratio of these headphones is INCREDIBLE. For only 20€ you get good wearing comfort, nice sound quality, and AMAZING build quality. Anyway, we only recommend those headphones for hobby DJs, because they start distorting a bit when playing at very high volumes. Also, they don’t look as professional as the ones by Reloop and Sennheiser. But as we already said before, they are fantastic for this amount of money, and in our opinion, those are the best headphones for hobby DJs.


Which headphone you will buy in the end, will highly depend on your budget. While the HDP 40.1 is mainly for DJs with a very small budget, the RHP 15 are perfect for you if you can’t spend too much money but want professional headphones. If money isn’t a thing for you at all, go for the HD 25. 

Let us know in the comments below - which DJ headphones you prefer and why? We’d love to hear your opinion!

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