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8 Aug 2017

Watch: Create the perfect sample pack library with Noiiz!

producer/software Create the perfect sample pack library with Noiiz!

The company Noiiz has developed a plugin that manages all your sample packs and unlimited new sample packs downloads. In this article, we will explore the possibilities and check on how to use the plug-in. To be honest we think it's plug & play and an innovative tool to save money on samples and create an awesome library with samples. From the plug-in, drag the samples into your DAW, including Logic Pro X, Fruity Loops, Ableton and more.

My folders

Under the heading folders, you will see a blank screen where you can create new folders. Start with a good structure, for example, EDM, Hip-hop and FX. From this folder, you always can drag and drop your favourite samples into your project. No messy folders anymore on your computer but all your samples in the cloud and if you download them from Noiiz you can always use them!

Instruments, genres, charts and packs

In the home screen, you will see a list which is divided into several chapters. Here you will find the sounds for your project. Noiiz has already analysed the sample packs and divided them into different categories. But you can also simply search per pack, and the search function itself is very extensive. With this start screen, you have access to many packs and save your time to search for a subject in different packs.


Before it’s possible to drag a sample into a project you must download it. If you download a sample, it’s always yours, even if you cancel the subscription. As shown in the picture below, you will see all your downloads under heading ‘downloads’.


A sample can easily be saved as a favourite by clicking the heart icon of a sample. This is a fast way of working and always allows you to search for samples and assign it to a folder later, very handy if you work fast but still want to save your sample from time to time.

Works with?

The plug-in is plug & play and comes automatically in your DAW plug-in folder after installation. You should load the Noiiz plug-in as an instrument and then use the drag & drop option to get a sample in your project.

Filter with

With the advanced filter you can search on:

  • Loops
  • One Shots
  • Genres
  • FX
  • Tempo
  • Key

And much more!

Important functionalities

  • Search by key
  • Search on the most important things
  • Drag and drop into the project
  • Big library to look in
  • No unneeded download needed
  • Easy to install and plug and play
  • 15 days free access + 1 GB free sounds
  • Create your own perfect sample bank

If you pay yearly you can download unlimited sounds, for 99$ per year. That’s 8,25$ each month… With the monthly and yearly plans you can keep all the downloaded sounds in the end! In our opinion, Noiiz plug-in is an amazing tool to get a more structured sample library.

For more information visit the website

‘the perfect customizable sample pack tool for every producer’

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