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19 Nov 2020

Watch Point Blank’s Ski Oakenfull Produce A House Track in UA’s LUNA Software

producer Watch Point Blank’s Ski Oakenfull Produce A House Track in UA’s LUNA Software

Universal Audio aka UA have unveiled their new ground-breaking free software, LUNA. To celebrate its release Point Blank’s Head of Education and Development, Ski Oakenfull has created a video showcasing what this powerhouse can do.

LUNA gives Apollo owners the fastest recording environment for music production, editing, and mixing. In addition to its seamless hardware‑software integration with Thunderbolt‑equipped* Apollo interfaces, LUNA Recording System allows capturing audio through DSP‑powered UAD plug‑ins with no discernible latency, as well as offering new Accelerated Realtime Monitoring. Its new update (LUNA 1.1) also features more than a hundred user‑requested features and fixes such as Session Versions, Track Groups and MIDI Enhancements.

To learn more about how DAWs like Ableton and Logic work, as well as plugins, VSTs, music theory and more, we’d highly recommend checking out Point Blank’s Music Production and Sound Engineering courses. Plus, they’re currently offering 25% off their selected online and LA courses until 31st December when this offer ends. So, be sure to use the codes ONLINE25 and LA25 when enrolling to secure your discount.

To showcase exactly what LUNA is capable of, Ski Oakenfull exports the audio and MIDI from an old Ableton Live session into a new LUNA project and rebuilds his beat experimenting with the plugins, instruments, programming and more. In the video, you’ll see Ski explore the gorgeous sounds from Shape, Ravel and Minimoog, throw a classic soul acapella from Adeva over his beat and of course, add some vibrancy and colour to his mix using LUNA’s exclusive Neve Summing analog desk replica. Want to check out the full track? Then head here.

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