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16 Dec 2017

What is a Spotify Aggregator and what does it do?

producer/techniques What is a Spotify Aggregator and what does it do?

You might have wondered how you as an individual can get your own music on Spotify. You don’t have a record deal, but you’d still like to share your music with the rest of the world. You can do this by approaching a “Spotify Aggregator”. A Spotify Aggregator is simply a distributer that acts as the link between music services like Spotify and people without a record deal.

An example of a famous Spotify Aggregator is “CD Baby”. This American company came in early to the online music industry, seeing the way the industry was heading and has been active in this market since 2004. Doing this they managed to secure themselves as the biggest online distributing service in the world. As for the Dutch music industry, CD Baby isn’t an appealing option since they tend to focus on the American market.

TuneCore is another internationally recognized Spotify Aggregator. This company started around the same time CD Baby did and because of that, they have been competitors since the very beginning.

Uploading music via TuneCore is very easy and besides, that offers you a wide variety of tools that can assist you as a musician! Click the button below for more information.

Put your music on Spotify!

Besides the American Spotify Aggregators, there are also Aggregators in the Netherlands and Belgium that focus on these markets. This includes BOEP, which focusses on the Benelux and has been active since 2007. This is a bit later than their American counterparts, but it is the first Spotify Aggregator in the Netherlands. Besides Spotify, they also provide distribution on other platforms like iTunes and Deezer. This means they can get you on every major music service in the Netherlands!

Aggregators make money by charging an upfront fee or by asking a percentage of earnings. This means you won’t get paid by Spotify, but by the Spotify Aggregator. These agreements are made very clear and upfront, especially with bigger and more known companies like CD Baby, TuneCore, and BOEP!

Want further explanation about putting your music on Spotify?

Read this article!

Why choose TuneCore?

  • A lot of functions for musicians
  • Maintain the rights to your music
  • Low price for uploading music
  • Detailed statistics
  • A commission program of 50% when you invite a friend
  • An expansive database with information to start with
  • The good thing about TuneCore is that they don’t take a percentage in sales; you only pay for uploading. All the revenue generated from your music goes directly back to you!

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