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10 Aug 2016

What is your opinion about the "Loudness War"?

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The Loudness War is a known 'problem' in the music world. The trend originated in the early 90s. Increasing the audio levels in productions is becoming more popular. Many experts and sound engineers are very critical of this trend because the quality of the songs would be slashed to continue the trend.

What is the trend?

To light out a song above the others songs engineers chose a compression technique that makes the audio wave very loud. This ensures that there is a full audio track with little dynamics. The song moves around the maximum peak without clipping which can cause an unpleasant listening experience to listeners.

In extreme cases, it can cause distortion and clipping of the track. This is because the audio is edited in such a way that it is 'too loud'.

Victims in this war

Who is the real the victim of this war? These are the listeners. It is unpleasant to listen to songs that are balancing on the edge of the limit. This reduces the experience and enjoyment.

The competitive escalation of this war makes it difficult to reverse this. To ramain to the current volume musicians and sound engineers are forced to make songs sound as loud as possible.


What is your opinion about this trend? Is it something good that the tracks will increase volume with the reduction of quality result?

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