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13 Nov 2016

Who made ‘In The Name of Love' by Garrix and Bebe?

producer Who exactly made the hit ‘In The Name of Love by Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha?
  1. Writers
  2. Producers

The hit 29 July 2016 released hit by Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha has taken over the world over the past few months. With several number #1 positions in different countries and peaks of 2.5 million streams a day, we can tell it’s the best hit of Garrix after ‘Animals’.


  • 220 million plays on YouTube
  • The first release during the collaboration between Garrix and Sony
  • Garrix played live guitar with Bebe at the Jimmy Fallon show
  • A peak of 2.5 million streams each day
  • Bebe and Garrix communicated over FaceTime to create it, they weren't even in the studio
  • The song was played for the first time at Ultra Music Festival

As you may know, great artists like Martin Garrix are very careful with time. If you're touring and you have a busy schedule you have to make the right decisions. Along with performing on stage, making fans happy, having interviews, travelling and creating hits, it’s difficult to do it all the right way.

Because of this, many producers are not producing alone anymore, sometimes you need a help and you'll use a ‘ghostprodcer’ like Maarten Vorwerk. There is a lot of discussions going about the usage of ghost producers, there are rumours and facts about artists who are not even helping. They receive the Wav. File straight from the ghost producer.


Martijn Garritsen

Martin Garrix

Matthew Radosevich

Better know as Matt Rad an American record producer that worked for One Direction and Thirty Seconds to Mars. He definitely knows what a track needs to make it successful.

Ruth Anne Cunningham

Worked for One Direction and worked on Too Little Too Late by Jojo, team SONY.

Stephen Philibin / Steve James

Worked for Justin Bieber and is only 17 years old. Also behind this great song:

Ilsey Juber

The Sony signed Ilsey Juber is an American singer and songwriter. Worked with Robin Schulz, Beyonce and Major Lazer.

Bebe Rexha
Where de vocals come from.

Yeal Nahar
Better know as CM$ and supported by Martin Garrix. He produces great future music, very promising. If you look him up on Soundcloud you'll get an idea of where the main lead was coming from with 'In The Name Of Love'.


Matt Rad

Steve James

Martijn Garritsen

It seems like Sony made a master team of producers and writers to team up and write a great hit. It’s no shame to get help when you're having a busy schedule it is hard to combine it with making hits. That’s how the industry works, and if you think all big names are making their own hit’s you're wrong.  

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