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1 Jul 2020

Why would you start playing guitar?

instruments Why would you start playing guitar?

The guitar is a relatively easy instrument to start out with. With just a few simple chords it is already possible to play lots of different songs. If you get a little more proficient at it you can play in a band and on a side note the guitar is an easy instrument to take with you, so you can be really flexible as a guitarist.

Benefits of playing guitar

Playing guitar also comes with physiological benefits in regard to development and usage of the brain. Like parents that bring up their children with 2 languages, playing guitar stimulates parts of the brain that otherwise wouldn’t be used. Besides the fact that playing guitar, or any other instrument for that matter, makes you happy, it also trains your brain in terms of coordination, memory (muscle and brain) and keeping a certain tempo when playing with other people. This is has been a topic of research of Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany.

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