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2 May 2019

Worlds first phone controlled microphone by Austrian Audio - Musikmesse 2019

producer/hardware Worlds first phone controlled microphone by Austrian Audio - Musikmesse 2019

During Musikmesse team Inside Audio filmed interesting brands and booths to check out the latest music technology. We must say we did not see such great innovation for a long time! Austrian Audio did such an amazing job developing a next level microphone, we will post a full review soon.

A group former AKG audio engineers bundled their powers to create stunning products under the name Austrian Audio. With the OC18, OC818 and HI-X55 headphones, they are going for quality handmade in Vienna.

After 22 months of research and development, they released their first products, and they are great! Below a quick overview.


A cardioid condenser microphone.


A multi-polar microphone that can be controlled with an app to set custom polar patterns.

OCR8 Bluetooth Dongle

The dongle that is power trough phantom power which makes it possible to connect with the PolarPilot app.

Polar Designer

Free open source plugins to control polar patterns and equalization on an advanced level with machine learning. Automatically reads frequency rangers and can set adjustments.

PolarPilot App

The free mobile app that works in combination with the OC818.

HI-X55 Over-ear headphones

High-quality metal headphone with a detachable cable.

HI-X50 On-ear headphones

This on-ear headphone is more compact than the X55 so ideal for traveling and mixing on the go.

Team Inside Audio will have a closer look later and will post full reviews on Inside Audio!

Austrian Audio promotional video with back-story and in-depth explanation.

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