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27 Sep 2019

Review: Fluid Audio SRI-2 audio interface and monitor controller

producer/hardware Review: Fluid Audio SRI-2 audio interface and monitor controller

Fluid Audio has been developing audio hardware since 1990. Kevin Zuccaro, the founder of Fluid Audio, used to work for JBL before starting Fluid Audio. His passion for making speakers is the reason why Fluid Audio has been selling studio monitors worldwide.

The SRI-2 is the bridge between not just developing studio monitors, but also expanding into recording equipment. A logical first step is putting an accessible audio interface/ studio monitor controller on the market.

We took the challenge and took the SRI-2 for a spin! Read the full review below.

When is the SRI-2 a good choice?

The Sri-2 is very accessible financially, but you don’t only get an audio interface for your money. The SRI-2 also functions as a studio monitor controller.

If you switch between different volumes often and you want to hook up multiple studio monitors, the SRI-2 is an excellent choice. The SRI-2 is very sturdy and has a clean look thanks to its robust aluminum chassis. The big volume control makes it easy to turn the music up or down when you’re in your flow.

Besides that, you can plug in 2 instruments/microphones using a combi plug (TRS and XLR). That’s a very complete setup on the face of it, keeping the low price in mind.


To start off good with a very neat function; you can plug your SRI-2 into a phone or tablet! The SRI-2 features its own micro-USB port to provide a connection and power, which comes in handy on the move.

The SRI-2 achieves impressive specifications with its 192 kHz/24bit. The big volume control is very ergonomic, which makes switching volume levels easy and the same goes for switching between 2 studio monitors with A and B. It comes equipped with 2 combo XLR/TRS ports and qualitative pre-amps. Besides that, it features 48V phantom power.

On top of the unit, there are two LED indicators from which you can easily tell the input volume, including lit buttons.

  • Direct monitoring button with 0 latency tracking
  • Aluminum chassis and volume control made of aluminum
  • Professional 24-bit/192kHz digital conversion
  • 2x XLR/TRS combination inputs
  • 4 TRS-outputs, used for 2 sets of monitors with an A/B button
  • 1 headphone jack with separate volume controls
  • LED-indicators on the buttons
  • Powers device when connected by USB 2.0
  • Shipped with Cubase LE DAW software for Apple and Windows
  • Cubasis LE DAW for iPad(IOS 9 or newer)
  • OS support: OSX 10.6.4 or newer, Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10 x86/x64


Is it possible to get such a fine piece of hardware with this amount of functionality at this price? Yes, it is, and Fluid Audio proved it with the SRI-2. The Mackie Big Knob sits in the same price range and has more functionality, but its design, layout and build quality of the volume controls leave much to be desired, and these problems don’t affect the SRI-2.

It’s disappointing to see that you can’t use two studio headphones and control their volume levels separately, but then again, the SRI-2 isn’t designed to be used in a set-up where you’re using a separate vocal booth. It lacks that function and a talk-back function with which you can communicate. Don’t need that functionality? By all means, choose the SRI-2!

The SRI-2 has a very sturdy build compared to other monitor controllers, is easy to take with you on the go and won’t break that fast. The button have a very solid feel!

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