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27 Sep 2021

Review: Slate Digital's Custom Opto successor to the FG-2A

producer Review: Slate Digital's Custom Opto successor to the FG-2A

In an almost quiet summer in music hardware and software country, the American Slate manages to launch a cool new plugin, with which we are of course happy! The Slate Digital team has asked Inside Audio to review the new Custom Opto released today. Of course we don't say no to that, so here's the Inside Audio review and video!

Curious about the possibilities of the Custom Opto read and look further!

Download Slate's Custom Opto


The story, of course, all started with the Teletronix electro-optical compressor. A very popular compressor that many clones have been made of in recent years both in hardware and software. The original Teletronix are very hard to come by and given the price history on Reverb they will cost between 7,500 to 10,000 used. This type is called the LA-2A, Warm Audio has a WA-2A and Universal Audio also has a variant.

The interesting technique gives you a very interesting sound, as explained below in the video by Brent March.

Custom Opto

The Custom Opto certainly provides all the character that the FG-2A delivers, but adds some interesting features, giving you a lot more options. This gives you many more options to adjust the sound to your liking, allowing you to make more precise adjustments. Ratio, Speed and the Tone function have been added, of which we find the Tone function the most interesting and a very nice addition!

The Speed control is also a valuable addition, it determines the speed at which the compressor intervenes.


Last year the FG-2A was released by Slate Digital which is a digital clone of the original LA-2A. Slate is not alone in this, as there are a handful of companies that reproduce the sound and effect digitally, each with their own technique.

Download Slate's Custom Opto


Custom Opto is a very cool addition to Slate Digital's Virtual Mix Rack, if you sign up for Slate's All Access pass you get all the plugins from Slate including this new Custom Opto. It's great that you also get new plugins that Slate releases throughout the year, so your library is always replenished! This for $9.99 per month!

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