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24 Jan 2019

NAMM 2019: Icon Pro Audio presents new Icon Platform Nano

producer/hardware NAMM 2019: Icon Pro Audio presents new Icon Platform Nano
  1. Features

At NAMM 2019, Icon Pro Audio presents a new model added to the popular Platform series modular control surfaces. Enter the new Platform Nano – a compact MIDI control surface for producers, engineers, musicians and home studio enthusiasts who want hands-on control of their modern “in-the-box” digital music production. The Platform Nano provides tactile DAW controls via USB 2.0 to your software music production system. Control your mix with four rotary dual-function encoder knobs, a single 100mm high-resolution motorized fader, jog wheel, and illuminating buttons for transport, channel strip, and automation. Access all channels of a DAW project by banking across tracks in groups of 8 or 1 channel at a time. Optional accessories are available – the Platform D2 display module and the new PN-1. The PN-1 module enables a wireless Bluetooth connection between the Platform Nano and your PC or Mac, and provides power for the Nano with its rechargeable battery.

The all-new Icon Platform Nano redefines the standard for a compact DAW controller. Designed for ultimate convenience and versatility, the Platform Nano offers deluxe controls and options: a full-sized motorized fader, rotary dual-function encoder knobs, backlit mix control buttons, and a jog wheel. Access to your entire mix by banking across tracks in groups of 8 or 1 channel at a time.

Mackie Control and HUI protocols provide seamless integration with most popular Digital Audio Workstations. Overlays for Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton Live, ProTools, Logic, Reason, Studio One, Bitwig, FL Studio, Adobe Audition, Digital Performer, Sonar, Samplitude and Reaper come standard with the Platform Nano control surface.

With the addition of the optional PN-1 accessory module, the Platform Nano becomes a wireless control surface for your DAW. The PN-1 enables Bluetooth connection to your Mac or PC and provides power for the Nano with an integrated rechargeable battery. This allows incredible flexibility, for example, bring the Platform Nano into the vocal booth, and use as a personal remote for managing recording in the DAW. The Platform Nano is an excellent addition to any studio environment or production work style and advances creativity with new workflow possibilities.


  • 1 touch-sensitive motorized fader with 10-bit resolution
  • Extremely compact, durable and versatile
  • Customize the perfect setup with a variety of Platform extension modules
  • Backlit LCD to display channel name, control values etc. for each channel
  • 1 + 4 dual-function encoder knobs (Rotate and enter)
  • 11-segment LED surrounding the encoders to indicate the rotating position for the main knob control
  • 12-segment LED display showing time or location of your project in either SMPTE or Midi beat clock (bars:beats:ticks) format
  • Jog wheel shuttle for fast search, scrub and control
  • 8 colour-coded function buttons coordinate with 5 different colour layers for switching a variety of function controls.
  • Illuminated buttons for channel control including Mute, Solo and Record
  • 6 illuminated transport buttons including Play, Stop, Rec, Rewind, Fast Forward and Loop
  • Illuminated “Zoom” buttons with 2 directional keys (Left/Right & Up/Down) used in combination with the jog wheel
  • 2 illuminated “Track” buttons for easy selection of individual channels
  • 2 illuminated “Bank” buttons for shifting 8-channels at a time
  • Supports Universal Mackie Control and HUI protocols for seamless integration with every compatible music production software
  • The most popular DAW overlays are included – Cubase/Nuendo, Logic Pro X, Digital Performer, FL Studio, Samplitude, Reaper, Studio One, Bitwig, Reason, ProTools, Sonar, Audition, Ableton Live and User Define Mode
  • iMapTM software included for easy mapping of MIDI functions
  • USB 2.0 high speed connectivity
  • Firmware upgrade available via USB connection and iMapTM software
  • BlueTooth wireless connectivity and rechargeable battery with the PN-1 module (Optional)
  • User A & User B 1/4 inch connectors for connecting with footswitch pedals
  • Platform D2 LCD display connector available (Optional)
  • Class-compliant with Mac OS X, Windows 10, Windows 8 (32-bit & 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit), Vista (32-bit), Windows XP
  • Superior build quality and robust metal casing with Kensington lock port

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