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9 May 2019

Buying a DJ USB Drive? You should pay attention to this!

djs/hardware Buying a DJ USB Drive? You should pay attention to this!

The developments are going very fast ... How DJs used to have to travel with bags and cases full of records, you now only have a hard disk or DJ USB drive with you where all their music is stored. A complete set of a DJ is nowadays on a small USB drive.

There are many options to choose from, what should you keep in mind as a DJ and what are the best options? We help you further! Also read the article about DJ headphones and DJ Software.

Technology of your DJ USB Drive

There is a lot of technology behind the small data carriers. The USB Drives is the successor to the CD, which could save a couple of MB's. The USB drive can store gigabytes.

With a digital DJ controller you often play the music from your computer, An external data carrier such as a USB drive is not necessary. For example, are you running on an XDJ, CDJ or all-in-one DJ controller? Then you do have the option to use a USB drive. Most DJ controllers support a certain format of a USB drive. These are FAT16, FAT32 or HFS + formats. You can also use NTFS, but for DJs it is advisable to opt for FAT32.

You can format your USB drive to a desired setting yourself.


Speed of USB 2.0 and 3.0/3.1

What is also very important for a DJ who has to transfer a lot of music and read from a USB is the speed. We advise you to definitely no longer look at USB 2.0 but at least at UBS 3.0. Nowadays there is also a new version of 3.0, the so-called 3.1 USB. This is twice as fast as USB 3.0 and supports USB-C. You have to check carefully whether all hardware is compatible with USB 3.1, so a better all-round choice can be USB 3.0.

What you have to remember is that USB 3.0 is not supported by many DJ controllers, it only makes a difference if, for example, your computer also supports USB 3.0. The advantage is that you can transfer data faster from your computer to your USB drive.

USB 3.0 is significantly faster than USB 2.0 2.0 = 480Mbps, 3.0 = 4.8Gbps. This does not mean that every USB drive that supports USB 3.0 has this speed, it is a maximum speed and depending on the type of USB drive you have a certain speed.

You can recognize USB 3.0 by the blue connector.

Build quality of a DJ USB Drive

The build quality is also very important if you travel a lot and use the USB drive. You don't want a USB drive that breaks quickly. The Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth brand, for example, is very sturdy but is again fairly slow compared to a SanDisk Extreme.

Storage of your USB Drive

The storage size of a DJ USB drive can differ and is essential for the price. On a USB drive of 1 GB you can store about 100 songs and or a USB drive of 32 GB about 3200 songs, this of course depends on the average length of a song. Do you have a fixed set of numbers then you do not need a very large UBS drive, but do you, for example, accept a lot of requests and you have a lot of choice? Then it is useful to buy a large DJ USB drive.


There is a lot of choice, look carefully at the specifications such as speed. The Corsair may look very sturdy and good but it is very slow compared to Sandisk. So you have to make a decision whether build quality goes beyond speed for your ideal DJ USB drive.

We advise you to look at the Sandisk Pro, Sandisk Extreme or the Samsung Flash Drive Bar. Do you really want a sturdy USB drive? Then look at Corsair but then have to settle for less fast reading and writing time.

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