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We are Inside Audio

Inside Audio is a young team of audio professionals founded in 2015, focussing on providing the best audio related news in a creative way. The process of making and composing music becomes more innovative, every day. Inside Audio focuses on a new target group that grows up with technology and experiences music differently than generations before them. The team consists of different disciplines such as a: marketer, videographer, instrument specialist, producer, web designer, web developer and different authors.

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Monthly reached musicians

Inside Audio got a monthly reach of 120.000 musicians worldwide. With a fresh approach to music news and innovation, we reach a young dedicated audience with a strong passion for making music in every possible way. Growth on our Facebook, Instagram and search-engine presence is an important factor for us. We achieve a monthly growth of 8% in visitors.

Monthly reached musicians

Who do we reach?

The new generation musicians that grow-up with new audio techniques. Producers, DJ’s but also drummers and multi-instrumentalists belong to our wide audience of audio freaks. 92% of our visitors are men in the age of 18-29 coming from all over the world, with a focus on The Netherlands.

Who do we reach?

Detailed statistics

Read here why Inside Audio is unique.

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One of a kind in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country with some of the most famous DJs and producers. In addition, there are many singer-songwriters and creative musicians. Inside Audio is the first Dutch platform for the musician from A to Z. From professional to bedroom musician, they are here. We offer our website in Dutch and English.

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What can we do for your brand?

  • Video-content

    Showcase your brand in video-format, our video-team is always ready.

  • Product reviews

    Let’s light out a specific product and increase sales.

  • Social media strategy’s

    Extra social awareness? We got your back.

  • Advertisement

    Monthly advertisements to maximise visibility.

Amazing companies we worked with

  • Lofelt
  • Focusrite
  • Output inc
  • Hercules
  • Noiiz
  • Aston
  • Sonarworks

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