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5 Sep 2019

Analog Brass & Winds by Output - Not your average virtual instrument

producer/software Analog Brass & Winds by Output  - Not your average virtual instrument

As stated on Output’s website, this is not your standard orchestra. This is so much more. It is hard to be innovative in a time and age where the virtual instrument-market is dominated by plenty of amazing-sounding samplings of different orchestras. With Analog Brass & Winds, Output has done just that. 

First of all, Output meticulously sampled an 18-piece brass section, and 18-piece woodwind section, and selected soloist in the incredible acoustics of Budapest’s BMC Hall, capturing everything from flutters, stabs, trills, and some unusual articulations. From there, Output took it to the next innovative level. They added different sought-after synthesizers chosen for their wind- and brass-like feel and sound, making the samples a whole different story.

Deeper look

This virtual instrument can best be described as a classical orchestra on some kind of magical drugs. When first opening the instrument, you are bombarded with massive and incredible sounding presets. All 500 of them make for quite some time exploring. Every sound has 4 sliders to manipulate 4 different kinds of parameters unique to easy present. These sliders make it so much easier to model the sound without being a synth-expert.

Additional, all preset consists of 2 sound layers. These can be switched, levelled, turned off, arpeggiated, and much more. This really makes it easy to get creative and create unique sounding patches.

If these controls don’t satisfy your tweaking-needs you can always go “behind the curtain” and get busy with loads of standard synthesizer controls like attack, sustain, pan, release, etc. Furthermore, this virtual instrument offers inbuilt effects, a rhythmic part for making rhythmic changes within the sound, and an arpeggiator.

All in all Analog Brass & Winds offers an innovative new angle to a well-known section of the classical orchestra. It enables creativity and makes your craziest dreams come true. 

Analog Brass & Winds, $199

  • 500+ Presets for instant playability 
  • 28 GB sound library (14 GB compressed) 
  • Syncs to tempo 
  • Powerful dual-layer engine 
  • Preset menu with smart tagging 
  • Layer FX and global FX 
  • 4central macro sliders unique to each preset 
  • Dual arpeggiators 
  • Built-in help menu 
  • Requires Kontakt 5 Full Version or Kontakt Free Version 5.7.1 (R35) 


  • Pros

    Sounds realistic and 500+ presets

  • Cons


  • Price


  • Website

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