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15 Nov 2016

How to collaborate in a good way?

producer/techniques How to collaborate in a good way?

In this digital era when we all can have a studio in our laptop and fingertips, do we really need other dudes and the interaction with them?

Yes we do.

Reasons why?

When we collaborate with other people unexpected things happens. Things you can’t control.

When we let go of control there is something that can happen. Something special. Something called Magic.

When we do stuff together, we can combine two individuals with two over all completely different Backgrounds, References,  Skill sets, Attitudes, Grooves etc etc. The result of 1 + 1  creative beings collaborating will equal to so much more than = 2. I’m sorry; I’m not a scientist or anything, but I can tell from experience.

The advantages

I can go on and on with this list of advantages with collabs, but it can also be simply GREAT FUN!!! You can psyche and challenge each other to reach new heights,

maybe the other person/-s will push you to do things you thought was not possible!!?! These are benefits of playing in a band. That is how I started out, playing with others. But in the music scene today many of us wants to become producers and keep pushing out hits and so on. That’s all good, but having the experience and the vibe out of playing and interacting with others in musical interaction will just add soul and feel to the table, and that never hurts, right?

It's all about chemistry

What happens when two (or more) people meet in a band is called chemistry. Chemistry on a level that can’t really be analyzed, but rather felt. Two sets of vibes/groove/chemistries meet and a third one evolves out of that, that no one knows anything about. No one can criticize it, understand it, judge it, it just is. The only thing that matters is, can you feel it? That’s for me the essence of music can you feel it? Sure, things can be refined, fine-tuned and adjusted, but it should never be on the cost of that feel.

Dancing is crazy

This is why I, as a producer, love to work with new talents, so called ”raw talents”. The diamonds that haven’t been polished to fit the standards and the norms of this industry and this world. (Maybe they are the one to set new norms and standards if we are not trying to stop them with our illogical logic thinking we already know ”what works”) Playing and creating music is really already a crazy thing to do. Let’s just admit it. As well as dancing. It’s all really illogical craziness. Than why can’t we breathe or even survive without it?? Because we are emotional beings. We are not just a physical being that needs to eat, sleep, multiply or to be able to perform duties at work. No, we are also spirits that needs energy in order to be able to move. Energy comes from food.  Music is the food for our souls. And us musicians, painters, poets, producers, movie directors etc etc are running a soul food kitchen, to supply for all the humans on this planet. So we do need more music to be created and recorded, since life is ever evolving and we need to see things from a new perspective and in a new light.

Just trying to build something, like a musical relationship with another creative soul can be vital for your musical voyage. Here is where you have the advantage of being thrown straight out into the unknown. It can sometimes be a challenge but it is so vital for your musical journey!  

What happens when the legendary drummer Jack Dejohnette and Kora player Foday Musa Suso collaborate? Musical boundaries are broken and new music comes to life.

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