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14 Dec 2017

Interview with the CEO of Blue Microphones and their nomination at the NAMM TEC Awards

producer Interview with Blue Microphones nominated for NAMM TEC Awards

Blue Microphones is nominated in the category of Outstanding Technical Achievement, at the 33rdAnnual NAMM TEC Awards, being held during The NAMM Show, January 27. More information is available here. One of the other nominees is Arturia, read our interview with them here.

Good reason to plan an interview with John Maier CEO of Blue Microphones.

What is your vision for creating microphones? 
Blue has always focused on building out this idea of creating mics to inspire and help creators create. From our pro audio heritage to our consumer products, this means embracing the notion that mics are colorful variables in the creative process, and that people want mics with character. As a result, every Blue mic has a unique sonic persona, and everything from our industrial design to our brand itself embodies our commitment to being unique, colorful, and creative. Blue can grab you with an unconventional or inspiring look and feel, but our performance is what blows you away. That combination of the two is really what makes customers appreciate Blue.

How important is the NAMM conference for Blue Microphones? 
NAMM sets the tone for the year in the MI/Pro Audio industry. It is by far the most important show in the retail music store market globally so it’s a great place to communicate to our dealers, distributors, and the industry at large, what our vision and plan is for the future and to make sure we’re aligned on our goals for the coming year. It’s also a great chance to reconnect with the music community. We like to say that we’re more of a family than a team at Blue and that could certainly be said about the music instrument industry at large as well.

How did you come up with the idea of creating an XLR to USB converter?
We created Icicle several years ago as we felt it was an essential accessory to have in our lineup. While it has always been a well-received product, its popularity has grown a lot over the last few years. We’ve seen a major trend toward the entry-level home studio customer wanting to use a professional XLR microphones, but they may be overwhelmed by the complexity of an interface-based system. Many at-home musicians, podcasters, streamers and YouTubers are now using XLR microphones, and the Icicle can be a critical piece of gear in that transition. It’s a bridge to connect a professional microphone to the digital world without having to deal with that next level of complexity that more professional gear can pose.

Where will the focus be on for Blue Microphones in 2018? 
We want to continue to innovate around content creators with technologies and products that will allow for more mobile use and that can be more easily integrated into our user's digital lives. And as we look to the future, we ask the same basic questions: Who are the next generation of content creators? How can we make their jobs easier? Over the past 7 years, we’ve averaged over 40% annual growth based on this premise and hope to continue that.

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