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14 Jun 2019

Kilohearts Phase Plant synthesizer plugin: a sound designer's dream come true

producer/software Kilohearts Phase Plant synthesizer plugin: a sound designer's dream come true

Phase Plant is based around a semi modular architecture, which is an incredibly powerful tool for both music production and sound design. Phase Plant will give you an empty patch and you are free to add the components you need, as you need them. It also gives you access to a number of signal generators, effects, and modulators that together gives you the possibilities to create any sound you can think of.


In the software you get four signal generators. You can add as many as you like and route them freely between eachother. There are several types of utility modules to allow you even greater freedom in designing your sound such as groups, mixing, and aux options. For each group you can add an output module to send the sound to the effects chain, or you can use a group only a a modulation source for FMing any other generator. Phase Plant allows for frequency modulation between all types of signal generation.

Bundles with pricing

Phase Plant offers the following bundles:

  • Free basic set of snapins. 
  • $169 bundle:
    • All features of Phase Plant
    • 3 Band EQ snapin
    • chorus snapin
    • Delay snapin
    • Limiter snapin
    • Stereo snapin
  • $199 bundle:
    • All features of Phase Plant
    • Compressor snapin
    • Distortion snapin
    • Filter snapin
    • Phaser snapin
    • Reverb snapin
    • All free snapins
  • $349 bundle
    • All features of Phase Plant and above here

Or you can get a subscription and get acces to everything for $9.99/mo

Do you want to know more about this software? Visit the website here.

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